Another festival of John Ankerberg youtube clips: Life After Death

Whether you are New Age or Christian or one believes that one’s spirit is conscious after death or you believe in soul sleep: please keep an open mind. John Ankerberg with a few guests discuss about life after death which includes NDEs (Near Death Experiences). These 14 part youtube clips are truly the most thought provoking ever. I hope all will enjoy it.



7 thoughts on “Another festival of John Ankerberg youtube clips: Life After Death

  1. Felix:

    Have you seen the current John Ankerberg series on the universe, big bang theory, and how God used it to set up conditions so that planet Earth would be suitable for life? It is an awesome series, is being aired on DayStar, and deals in probability and the ultra fine tuning necessary for the world as we know it to exist and to be self sustaining.

    Not that most atheists would even be open minded enough to watch these programs in the first place, but personally I can’t imagine how anyone who has seen them could continue in non-belief! They are available on DVD, too.


  2. Oh, come on. The “fine tuning” you speak of is not an issue, because the universe is so freaking big that the probability of such conditions happening at at least one place are much higher than they might be in a smaller universe. We played the odds, and we won, at least until we wreck everything.

    It’s an argument creationists always trot out, and an argument that’s completely specious, and always has been.

    I like to use the example of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms seem like this incredible thing that could only come about with the right conditions, and that the conditions are so hard to accomplish that it must be something that God creates, right? Wrong. A thunderstorm is a feedback loop that is basically the atmosphere trying to stabilize itself. Warm air rides under cold air, pushes itself up through the cold air because it has a lot of convective energy, and eventually (under the right conditions) establishes itself as a heat pump. The conditions go away, the storms go away.

    Incredible, awe inspiring, life-giving, and God had nothing to do with it, other than AT THE MOST setting up the initial conditions that allowed this world to evolve in the first place.

    I continue to be disappointed that creationists insist on spewing this kind of nonsense. Not amazed, as the capacity for religious nuts to spew pablum knows no bounds.

  3. Well after watching all of these John Ankerberg videos I realize there are two classes of folks. The people who will embrace Jesus and make a change of heart, or the other class which is an anything but Jesus attitude. I see it as a pride issue but that’s just my 2 cents.

    So I choose to believe and be thankful. If others say oh please and take the anything but Jesus route…good luck…and honestly I wish you well, sincerely
    If I could accept Him for you I would…but I can’t.

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