A musical taste of Marty Goetz

 For those not aware of Messianic Jewish singer Marty Geotz, Wikipedia has some information about him right here. I had the pleasure of listening to him live in Toronto back in early 2002. I am sure you will love his voice and his music. Here’s is just a sample.

4 thoughts on “A musical taste of Marty Goetz

  1. Thanks for posting these! Marty Goetz is one of my favorites too. And of course we’re not alone. I remember Brian Knowles telling me several years ago how much he liked Marty’s music.

  2. I discovered Marty Goetz a few years ago on a Saturday night on the Christian TV network “FamilyNet” — a network run by the Southern Baptists!

    His music is simply marvelous.

  3. Marty, God bless you! May more Jews realize the gifts that have been offered to them – Yeshua, Jesus their Messiah … AND Marty Goetz !

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