Best wishes for Gary Scott and Goodbye XCG

Life can be so busy with so many committments and duties it can be hard to keep with all of them sometimes. I recently was looking at XCG website, didn’t know the reason why it wasn’t taking more comments  and of course, a strange article called “Mr.Scott has left the building”. Then it all came together—rather pretty recently! At this moment in time I want to give a personal thanks to Gary on his part for putting me on his team of contributors and putting me on the map of the who’s who X-WCGers.  I am eternally grateful and I wish Gary Scott in any new ventures or assignments that he may take and more important of all, congratulations to Gary on the birth of his baby daughter. I wish Gary all the best on this new journey of his life, where he provides all the needs for his child for the next 18 to 21 years. Just a small wish for Gary, please e-mail or drop a comment here anytime! We want to know how you’re doing. There is life after the WCG and life more abundantly. Gary Scott is another example of that. Blessings to him.


5 thoughts on “Best wishes for Gary Scott and Goodbye XCG

  1. I first discovered XCG when doing research into David Pack’s RCG (Restored Church of God). Some friends of mine had gotten hooked into RCG and I wanted to understand what they were about. XCG proved a valuable resource, as Gary was one of the only people who bothered to keep an eye on them.

    But I can sympathize with him. It’s a difficult, time consuming and ultimately thankless and unrewarding task. There are much better things one can do with their time – especially when there’s a family to take care of.

    That’s one reason I never went anywhere with my own blog. I briefly flirted with the idea of doing exposés of various COG groups which I had up to date knowledge of. And I can still see some value in doing that. But there’s only so much time in a day and I just don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to do it.

    Besides, there are much more pleasant and interesting subjects to ponder.

    If I’m going to write about COG things, I’d rather it be in satire on JSLAGF.

  2. My suspicion is this: That the xcgs have had 20 years to repent. Critics are now shutting down because God has had His say through them. They’ve been warned. Enough is enough.

    The other 20 years of the testing and trials will be the digging and dunging. I just have a feeling that 2008 / 2009 will be a much more difficult time for the xcgs, particularly the bigger ones. The smaller independents may just disappear.

    But I could be wrong about judgment beginning at the House of God, particularly when the altar seems to have a great big idol on it. Maybe God will just wait until the end for the separation of the wheat and tares and not bother with further correction. After all, they have been warned, haven’t they?

  3. Hi there…

    I have stumbled across this blog while doing research on google. I have had some problems dealing with a certain other blog on the WCG, and am hoping you will email me, and have a conversation on the WCG. I was in the WCG/GCG/LCG/ICG/TPM.. and am now on my own.



  4. Found it, Felix!

    My URL has also changed to

    I have already changed your link to Post WCG Life there. New video up on ABC’s 20/20 program on the extravagent, lavish spending of televangelists on themselves. Ministry Watch was formed to rate the financial disclosures of these ministries to expose these rotten apples.

    Happy blogging on WordPress.

    Stan Gardner

  5. Thank you Stan for your best wishes for me and your new URL site. I watched the 20/20 program you put up in your site. Sad isn’t it? This is sooo far, far removed from Jesus and His Disciples practiced. Haven’t you noticed it is mainly charismatics and Pentecostal preachers that are living these extravagant lifestyles?

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