Top 7 Execuses that Armstrongite False Prophets make


From Dennis Diehl who posted this on Gavin’s Ambassador Watch blog:

When the clock runs out…

1. I never said Jesus would return then. I said he “could” return.

2. God has given us more time to finish the Work.

3. Satan has blinded your mind. We never said that.

4. We said it, but we didn’t mean it the way you took it.

5. Satan confused your mind to make you think we said that, but we didn’t. We said something else and now I’m not going to tell you what I really said. You should have listened right the first time.

6. I only meant my books would go into a second printing and return to a bookstore near you.

7. I made a mistake,but so did Moses, David, the Disciples and Paul, and they were all men after God’s own heart. So there.

 Editor’s note: Isn’t this ALL too familiar???


9 thoughts on “Top 7 Execuses that Armstrongite False Prophets make

  1. If they are dangerous false prophets do not hesitate to open a case file with the equivalent of Homeland Security in your particular country. People have died as a result of Armstrongism in the smaller cult split offs. We should make an attempt to prevent such things.

    However, rest assured that Homeland Security already has an active case file on most of the above pictured false prophets, and, in some cases, the folders are probably pretty thick by now.

    If you think this is hyperbole, do recall some of the murders in the churches of God in some of the smaller cult spit-offs: Jim Jones types who went nuts and killed their own family members [this is beyond the murders within the Living Church of God a couple of years back]. Churches of God can be such dangerous places to be….

  2. They fell out of my head in abouat 60 seconds and I was too lazy to go through the name process on yahoo…:) Of course, they were based on decades of hearing them.

  3. Thanks again Den, I then edited out anonymous and decided to put your name. It is sooo true that these excuses are sooo familiar. What is the old saying “familiarity breeds contempt”?

  4. Hey Den, are you and Doug old AC buds–or just suffered mutual pain in some local area together?

    Doug, is it wishful thinking on your part that Homeland Security has an “active case file” on these nut cakes, or do you know that for a fact? It would be comforting to know that it’s the latter–for the benefit of the simple and naive who contribute to their organizations, and before one of them begins brewing a new batch of cool aid.

    It’s hard to tell which one of these megamanics is the most dangerous.

    Bob Briggs

  5. These 7 excuses were simply just excellent, and you’re quite right. Especially point no. 3 is the greatest sign of mind-control. That is still very much used whenever the ministry can’t answer concrete questions.
    Keep up the good work. It’s very much needed to inform people about the dangers of Armstrongism.

  6. I can only send emails thru a comment box like this, not thru
    I think your websites are doing a great public service. Some 43 years ago I ordered
    several free booklets and a subscription to Plain Truth. In view of what I now know, it’s
    highly fortunate I never ordered the Bible study course.
    Far more recently I ran across the Restored Church of God website. I watched maybe a
    dozen videos. I ordered a subscription to Real Truth. Then I saw your websites.
    I previously knew nothing about the blatant coercion, propaganda, and information
    censorship they were using to milk people’s wallets. Neither did I know that church
    leaders were using part of this money just for self-enrichment. So much for their sermons
    about selfish greed! I had my subscription to Real Truth cancelled. I asked them not to
    send any free booklets.

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