Word to Mr.Meeker and the UCG Council of Elders

I am NOT going to go in depth about the latest debacle in the United Church of God and Mr.Joel Meeker’s complaint. Read Gavin Rumney’s blog and J’s blog. They have all the details about it.  About a year ago, I crafted some solutions to get this organization out of a rut and stop going into circles as they have (and seem to perversely enjoy) for over 13 years!

I am giving this Mr. Meeker and the UCG Council of Elders ONE MORE (and LAST) chance to shake up the organization. All they gotta do is read this here at: http://xcg.kingary.net/index.php?id=882 (Gary Scott’s defunct XCG blog). Yeah, yeah, it was posted over a year but it is still damn relevant in 2008! As I have said before, XCG ministers are well known for their non-listening skills as a virtue, never vice. If this attitude remains, it is high time it’s congregants wake up and GET OUT!!! If this was a time for an exodus in UCG, the time is NOW! To waste a minute more is simply tragic!  I seriously pray for that day to happen and soon! May the congregants of the UCG find true spiritual freedom and have a real chance to say, “This our house and we will serve the Lord!”


6 thoughts on “Word to Mr.Meeker and the UCG Council of Elders

  1. Felix, as much as I admire your insights, you should be the first to admit that there is nothing much to rescue, since there was nothing of any real worth in the first place.

    What was missing from your suggestions was that the ministry of United seek God. That may have been implied, but it was not explicitly stated.

    Frankly, I do not believe that the ministry of United — or any of the church of gods — really believe in God. They certainly don’t act like it.

    The whole Armstrongist experience is an embarrassment at best. UCG with all the rest of the alphabet soup with C and G in it should quietly disappear from this earth forever.

    Or… I’d settle for it noisily disappearing from this earth forever.

  2. Felix, Felix! The members have to get out. That is beyond question. But with ministers from LCG and UCG circling recently-exited members of PKG like sharks, and PKG looking to pick up members of “the scattered church” after the crucial blows to their false prophet’s timeline, you may be counselling them from the frying pan into the fire! 🙂

    I’m with Douglas. Armstrongism needs to disappear from the earth forever. With a whimper or a bang, it doesn’t matter. It just needs to go!!!

  3. Felix, let me get this straight: You are a single black man from Canada who is not exceptionally wealthy and have never attended Ambassador College. [I hold the last two in common with you.]

    And FURTHERMORE, you presume to tell the United Church of God International Association something they do not want to hear.

    Did you, did you really, really, really think the UCG CoE would pay attention to you or acknowledge your existence in any way?

    You may remember what I said to United, “Judgment, if any awaits”.

    I suspect that perhaps, just as prophets were sent to the priests in the Old Testament, the modern day Pharisees are having a witness sent by God, who, wants to play fair, but knows, just KNOWS, that the UCG stopped listening a long time ago, if they ever listened.

    We’re past the mid point of 40 years of testing a trials after the Death of that Great False Prophet. I would suppose that after this, the judgment will be that Armstrongism will disappear from the earth forever.

    But we’ll probably never know one way or another.

  4. WOW — Felix’s Final Warning!


    Will you declare UCG ceases to exist?

    Reminding me of some classic college library graffiti: “God is dead — Nietszche.” “Nietszche is dead — God.”

  5. Oh trust me Richard, I will leave that up to God to declare the UCG to cease to exist. Believe me, he will in due time. We can only wait.

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