A Word To My Olympic Love!



 To my love, Mademoiselle Jennifer Abel. In 2020, you will be at The Olympiad in Tokyo and you will win a medal whether it be gold,silver or bronze. You will be there in Tokyo and accomplish this through hell, tribulation or high water!  Do not let a doomsday Armstrongist splinter cult that will (false) prophecy otherwise!

Word to Ryan my main man!

Hey Ryan! For the sake of your own sanity and your own independence,  I strongly urge you to never, never ever join the Armstrongist Churches of God. The dating pool is slim pickings beyond belief which means you will be a single man for a long, long, long time! Think very hard!14441005_10209016817150251_8945442993603014055_n 14446214_10209016815950221_7158583691949429046_n