Finally the video from the smooth (but spiritually dangerous) brotha Ron Weinland!

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted and yes, have had some thought about the continuation of this blog site. For those who are fans and who enjoy being silent for whatever reason, you can relax and those who are in the web of ultra conservative fundamentalism and rigid literalism  of  the cult of Armstrongism and/or other religious ideology (not theology and there is a difference) for whatever reason, just shut up and bear with me a little bit. For now.   The reason for this particular posting has it’s roots back in December 2010 in this blog. I am not going to repeat much but only to say just go back and read it for full context. Somebody (an HWA fan, of course) on has finally have the video transported on that site. We can thank God Almighty that Ron Weinland’s latest prediction  (supposed time of the end this past Sunday,May 27th ) has not come to pass and that the scripture remains unbroken when it says that “no man knows the day nor the hour” of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Ron Weinland believed that he was exempt from that scripture. Unfortunately, instead of apologizing, correcting error and preaching the gospel of the ressurrection of Jesus Christ, he is making that excuse that he was one year off and just wait until next year.  Members of his cult, get what they deserve when they suspend critical thinking abilities to stay around for one more year. It is increasingly very hard to feel any sympathy for these kind of people, except the children who are being raised in this cult. I take that very personally and I am extremely emotional about it because I grew up in the historic WCG.  If you put the two words together “indoctrination”  and “children” (ages 0 to 18), I get very upset and will join ANY cause to see that those who indoctrinate children will fail miserably!  I will credit Ron Weinland for one thing: he is not a Young Earth Creationist— which I just think it’s not only pseudo-science but also a myth in itself. Enough of musings, here’s the two clips of Ron Weinland at Ideas ’10.


5 thoughts on “Finally the video from the smooth (but spiritually dangerous) brotha Ron Weinland!

  1. We still have a few days until the Federal Court Hearings / Trial for felony Income Tax Evasion begin. Very few left after May 27th, most stayed, but the few who did leave do seem to be mighty irritated and they are quite finished with Ronald Weinland forever.

    If Ronald Weinland is found guilty and receives a prison term, perhaps more people will leave because holding the infrastructure of the PKG (Pathetic Kook Group) will be a stategic nightmare. If he has no prison term, even if he is found guilty, it will be full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes, with RW having a more powerful grip on his followers than ever.

    It’s incredible that anyone would grant RW an audience like this at Idea City.

    I wonder what they think of him now.

  2. I still wonder what was Moses Znaimer thinking. Moses is a very intelligent man but it is amazing that he was conned in bringing this man to this session.

    1. Maybe he thought the public exposure would obviously show he was a false prophet.

      Or not.

      I do believe this was in 2009, which would mean that the prophecies would have already been exposed as a failure.

  3. Psychopathic individuals lack consciences, unlike the rest of us. So to lie does not bother them like it would you and me. They are very cunning, often genius, and know people forget things quickly. The attention they receive from these stunts fulfills their need for recognition and power over others. When they can evoke negative emotions in their followers, like fear and apprehension, it feeds their warped egos. So don’t expect contrition, they are always thinking of ways to cover their mistakes or deflect blame onto others. It is a dangerous game they play. The only cure for this sick behavior is to run away from it as fast as you can and get as far away as possible. These is no recovery for them, they only learn to be more manipulative from the therapy. They do appear to be Smooth! Slippery is my term. Growing up in Armstrongism made me an expert in this, after I ran!

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