The late great Dwight Pryor on Tithing

There are those who are former XCGers and now who have embraced Evangelical Christianity who believe very strongly and passionately that tithing has been superceded by The New Covenant over the Mosaic Covenant. The late great founder of The Center of Judaic Christian Studies, Dwight Pryor had some interesting insight of tithing and Christian giving. Worth a listen no matter where you stand on the topic. Listen here.




One thought on “The late great Dwight Pryor on Tithing

  1. Exactly.

    And as far as his comment on covetousness, it occurs to me that cult leaders demanding up to 3 tithes in one year plus generous offerings on your gross wages (and there is absolutely no tithing on wages in Scripture, probably because it isn’t something God gave us as in the “Land” given to Israel, but earned by your own effort without connection to your own produce), are terribly terribly covetous, especially those who live in mansions with gold, silver, crystal and Rembrant Paintings (need to invest, never know when God… er… the economy will take it all away from you!).

    But leave it to those Old Testament Christians to lay burdens on you that would make even the Pharisees cringe.

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