“Little boy, quit sniveling! Stop it! Stop it! You have no need of a “Feast” because, if you believe, Christ is dwelling in you. A celebration is unnecessary! Time to grow up little boy!” As the Tkach takes the small succoth booth from the young boy as he cries incessantly. The Feast of Tabernacles was not going to be celebrated ever, ever again! Anne Hanna back in 2003 tells the story of how “The Tkach Stole Tabernacles!”—The Editors

He looked and he looked then said in dismay,”I don’t like my people looking this way.

I’ve told them to choose, but they get it all wrong,They can’t even select the right kind of song.

I’ve given them hints and “suggestions” with more of just of late. Why aren’t they changing, they’ve had years more than eight?

Surely, tryly they will do as I say,Oh why can’t those “other ones” just go away?

Though I’ve said days don’t matter, that’s really not true, but when I made those promises the sale was in view.

“Time for something stronger!” the Ruler then thought, Though his kingdom’s ruined from wars he had fought.

“Tabernacles is dead, though I’ve not told them such, But then they can only handle so much.

I’ve ignored their wishes, but it’s for their own sake, After all you “don’t feed a baby a poterhouse steak.””

Then some disturbing reports did appear,The Ruler was unhappy;”Wasn’t this settled last year?

But never you mind, I’ll stomp it right out,we can’t have those customs hanging about.

Then it’s far out to sea on a lovely white ship, But I won’t call it Tabernacles. No! Not one bit!!

There’ll be laughing and singing and dramas galare, And I’ll forget all about that mess back on shore.

So give me a break I’m really quite beat, From letting the pastors back home take the heat.

I have my critics, maybe more than a few, But it’s not like my job’s ever up for review.

So I’ll have a great Festival with nothing to fear, Cause I’m almost certain the end is quite near.”



  1. And, yet, the Church still has three Feast sites, around the world. Make of that what you will.

    I went to England this year. I had an awesome, wonderful, amazing, refining, testing, growth-producing, educational time all around. Can’t wait to go back next year! This was the 26th Feast that was held in the same location!

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