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The response I always get when I say I believe there is a chance after death to accept Christ is, “Then what’s the point of accepting Christ now. We should all go do what we want and wait till we die.” To which I say, “So living this human life in Christ has no value for you?”

–former longtime WCG member, now author and speaker on weight maintenance, Annette Hunsberger Presley, defending her personal belief in the wider-hope doctrine of “Divine Perseverance” in response to fellow Evangelicals who are stridently uncomfortable with the concept.


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. Not all Christians teach that death cuts one off from accepting Christ, and receiving salvation. As an example, members of the LDS church will spend hours studying geneologies, and getting baptized for those who can be identified as having died as non-believers. They believe that in the resurrection, God will explain His plan to these people, who will then be asked if they want their Mormon proxy baptism to be applied to them so that they can be saved.

    I honestly don’t know what specifics to include in my beliefs in this regard. Probably the most important thing to remember would be that God is much more loving and merciful than we as humans could ever be even at our best. We’re probably going to be very pleasantly surprised at some of the people we see in God’s Kingdom.


  2. Greeetings ….. I share the same belief that every one will get a chance to know God and be saved by the sacrafice of Jesus,even after death….. My feeling is that a vast number of the self professing called out christians who claim the calling and the spirit are living an illusion…. Iam sure there are those who are indeed called by God and will serve as teachers and evangelists to the vast amount of people who survive the tribulation…. my experience is that these folks are few and far between…

  3. I believe there is an exegetical case for a wider hope in Romans 9. This is widely ignored in the church today, especially evangelicalism. We have in Romans a statement that Israel has been in part, actually the major part, hardened and then we have the statement that all Israel will be saved. How does one resolve the tension between these two statements without a Next Life opportunity for conversion?

    — Neotherm

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