Legalistic Churches Has No Borders

This is not a photoshopped picture.  This is not a prank, joke or satire. This is a real church posting their “real” regulations outside the gates of their property. The denomination is the Seventh Day Adventist Church and it is a Jamaican-based one.  Hat tip to Facebook’s Former Seventh Day Adventists .I have known personally some Caribbean Adventists and yes, they can be very ultra-conservative in their approach and worldview to say the least. Here’s what the supporters of this decision had to say:

“Signs like that can actually help avoid a lot of hard feelings.”

“Some Nightclubs out in the world have a dress code and you have to conform if you want to get in, you wont get in with shorts and thongs. Why shouldnt we have a dress code to come into the sanctuary to meet with God. If you were coming before the Queen or Pope you would be required to be fitly attired.”

“Adventists used to be people who dressed modest. Now a days, everything goes. WE NEED TO REPENT.”

“I would like to see a sign like that posted at all our churches…wonder if ancient Israel allowed its people to enter the sanctuary dressed like that.”

Thankfully there are voices of moderation(and reason) out there to offer their sensible two cents on this matter. One person who is a former Adventist from a Caribbean background proposed this resolution on  the Former Seventh Day Adventist Facebook site: 

This gives another excuse for people to not go to church and I…hope people go to a Christian church instead of this one. That being said, I personally have noticed people in all denominations have become more casual, which is fine, but some people take it too far and it can be distracting to both genders to have people dressed like their going to a night club or on a date But there is a much better way to handle this and that is to speak with the people who regularly attend about the issue as it arises rather than have a sign at the door that would offend rather than draw people in(.)

And another participant had this to say, warning about fetishes about do’s and don’ts like that sign in the picture,

“The lists tend, I think to pop up where people are practicing a “Jesus plus” religion. Jesus plus proper thoughts and proper dress and so on. . . . When Jesus isn’t enough then folks start building fences between ‘real sinners’ and themselves to try to shore up their prospects to heaven.”

Sadly, legalistic churches have no borders.


9 thoughts on “Legalistic Churches Has No Borders

  1. I’ll be sure not to wear see through dresses and blouses should I ever be led by the Spirit to enter into their sanctuary — although being so led seems unlikely at this point.

    I believe that we should honor God when we appear before Him in a public place, but I would expect that those who are truly Spirit led would know what is appropriate.

    To state the rules so explicitly suggests that God is not in this place, for the people do not have enough Spirituality to be led by the Spirit and cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

    Maybe they shouldn’t meet at all.

  2. Perhaps I should be more clear.

    It’s been about four years or so when I began earnestly and actively seeking to know God Most High as the Father. Up until that point, there really was no awareness of having counsel of the Holy Spirit.

    Since then, things have changed: It’s not at all like having a voice or voices in your head like some terminal nut case schizophrenic. There is something there “telling” me things which I would not normally know: An influence; ideas; thought?

    I interpret that is being led by the Spirit, for it is the realm of spiritual things that there is this “awareness”.

    It has revealed many things I would not have normally known.

  3. Perhaps we should post our own list, items such as:

    Would-be pastors are advised that any adultery will result in your being severed from the congregation and you will never hold office in the church per the instruction of Scripture;

    People who commit idolatry by excessive devotion to the minister will be ejected from the congregation;

    Hypocrites are not welcome in the church and should not consider attending until they repent;

    We flee fornication and, hence, fornicators should refraining from attending;

    We support the poor, so if you dress as best you can for God, we honor your intentions even if it may not be high fashion;

    We insist that those who have been badly abused come to worship with us for acceptance and healing;

    Congregation members are strongly encouraged to visit the fatherless and widow in their affliction, even if it might, from time to time, interfere with your attending services;

    We insist that people make a joyful noise during song service honoring God, even if you couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket;

    Attendees are advised that we will tolerate only those who exercise justice, judgement and equity with mercy and forgiveness, attended by the generosity of a cheerful giver.

    1. Merino is the jamaican way of saying undershirt aka wifebeater. This shows how biased this picture is. You would never find this sign outside of an American sda church. Signs like this are outside all business building, hospitals etc in Jamaica. The author of this needs to do his research

  4. First of all, this picture is biased and ill explain why.
    I’m jamaican and any important place that you go in Jamaica posts signs as detailed as this one. I was invest kicked out of a hospital for wearing a sleevless blouse. This past year I wasn’t allowed entry into the registrar generals office. The guard just pointed to the sign that read “no midriffs, marinas, skimpy skirts etc” in those exact words. It is part of the culture in Jamaica
    I’m an Adventist and I can testify that the church accepts you as you are because God wants you to come as you are. It is after you gain a relationship with him that your lifestyle (including your physical attire) changes. Find an American sign that reads like this then you can criticize the church.

  5. This sign is so sad. This should not reflect all of us who are SDA Christians, but unfortunately it does. The church I ve belong to most of my life is loving and excepting of anyone who wants to enter. People make changes in their own lives by learnig and living out what the bible says. Because they’ve fallen in love with our Savior Jesus Christ!!! Not because someone told them to.

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