Intelligent Quotes of The Day

It seems like such a tragedy when someone gives up their dreams, passions, talents, beliefs, humor, independence or self-worth for “God.” ––The very pretty, controversial and heterodox blogger Elizabeth Dahl Kingerly who laments those who get it all wrong that God wants His followers to lose their individuality once they follow Him.

The PAST was RELIGION and NO SCIENCE ..!! The ..PRESENT is SCIENCE and NO RELIGION..!! …From my own perspective ..the FUTURE will be SPIRITUAL and SCIENCE ..!!!

Exclaims Ariel, a participant on The Facebook site,  Richard Dawkins is wrong (and we don’t like the new atheists either) talking about a splendid harmonization to effect the spheres of science and spirituality yet to come.


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quotes of The Day

  1. Regarding giving up your dreams: There are good dreams & bad dreams.
    Martin Luther King had a dream. But so did Hitler.
    Abraham Lincoln had a dream. But so did Stalin.
    Its just a pet peave of mine that in pieces like this, its always assumed that giving up a dream is necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I didn’t see anything intelligent in that quote. There is nothing scientific about supernatural claims. Those which can be falsified are obviously false, as they are all contradicted by the evidence, and those which can’t be falsified aren’t science, since they can’t be tested–they are wishful thinking. It’s fine to preach liberality to Fundamentalists (more power to you), but when you try to worm your way into a truth claim, you should be prepared to defend it with logic and evidence.

  3. To be fair, the lady who quoted about the merging of science and spirituality, English is not her first language. She is merely stating an opinion (not a scientific statement) about where those two disciplines may lead into the future and she, like anyone else has a right to state it. Frank Schaffer of HuffPo is along the same lines as this lady and I hope to quote some excerpts from his book Patience With God. I have met a former workmate who had an NDE (Near Death Experience) at a very young age. It may for some easy to dismiss that experience as completely, strictly neurological, nothing more. The story my friend Jason told me, I don’t think I can dogmatically refute his experience and frankly, I think it is completely arrogant on my part to attempt to do so. In other words, I am keeping an open mind. At least this is much better and mature than a reaction when I was Armstrongism when I would exclaim, “These are demons messing with his head!!!” 🙂 I came a long, long way.

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