A Few Reasons Why I Can’t Be Theologically Liberal and Proud

I still believe in in the literal life, death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.  I reject a metaphoric concept of his ressurection  that it was a ressurection of people’s hearts.

I feel no need to reject the supernatural claims of either The Old Testament or New Testament.  I just believe there is a natural world order and a supernatural world order. The supernatural world sometimes, we look at a sea of glass darkly. I’ll be blunt in saying that’s a life-enduring frustration in itself at times. I have met a person who had a Near Death Experience and had his experience with the supernatural. I just feel no need to tell him it was simply neurological. Just talk to him and have an open mind.

I still believe  in the resurrection of my body will be glorified, immortalized and totally transformed in the image of Christ.  Free from sin, disease, illness (and aging) and more importantly death! Those who believe this Good News will also experience this too after their spirits and bodies reunite after death to be glorified.

I still believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. He is coming the same way as He left earth, in his glorified resurrected body. Harold Camping’s dating for His Return, I don’t care much for.  I would like to know the precise timing of the Return of Messiah (it is natural normal for one to desire that) but I have to walk through a sea of glass darkly on that one.

I prefer N.T. Wright over Bishop John Spong as my favourite Anglican/Episcopalian.

I tend be on the side of non-practicing LGBT American church pastor, Jim Swilley about the difference between homosexual orientation and the practice of the orientation.

A strong believer in a concept of a “just war”, sometimes evil must have be confronted violently and we can’t sing “Give peace a chance” all the time. Frankly, I find pacifism can be evil in itself but that’s another topic.

Not bothered by the book of Revelation. I am a guy and I should not apologize for being one despite our feminized society (but I digress) . I like action and I love action movies. Revelation is the ultimate action movie. I have a very high sense of justice. Those who are good, follow the rules, who are living right WILL be rewarded for their endurance of suffering in the world.  Those who test God (and escape) in their lifestyle and actions towards, their hall pass will soon be invalid.

I reject the notion of Absolute Universalism, that everyone will be saved. I think it insults and mocks those who are trying to live the straight and narrow and gives nothing but a free hall pass who are the miserable human scum. Some will argue that’s what grace is, a free hall pass, no one can earn it! There is no argument that grace is a free gift of God but the gift of grace  CHANGES  a person’s heart. Apostle James said, faith without works is dead. The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox have been at peace with what Apostle James said. North American Evangelicals have yet to be at peace. Absolute Universalism, insults the notion and concept that choices made on this life don’t matter. I believe that scripture indicates the opposite. More to come on this topic.

These are by no means the only reasons why I cannot embrace Theology Liberalism in my beliefs. I am sure there are many reasons and trust me when I can think of more, they will be written down.


6 thoughts on “A Few Reasons Why I Can’t Be Theologically Liberal and Proud

  1. Well, I respect your options! however it was not my option to be gay, I was born gay and I do not want to pass a miserable life avoiding sex. Besides I actually do not see any wrong in being gay. The only certainty I have is that life is here and now. And I want to live this in full.

  2. ftloveblog70, do you believe that the folks who lived two thousand years ago were any less susceptible to error than we are today? I mean, they were imperfect, flawed and fallible human beings, subject to the same kinds of distortions and skewed logic, the same gossip and temptations to treat hear-say as gospel, as we share today. They had the same pressures to conform to political and cultural norms as we have today. How, then, are we to assume that their (barely literate) assessments of truth are in any way superior to our own? As many wise people have observed over the centuries, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof — and in the case of Hell and supernaturalism, we simply don’t have that level of proof. We can, however, reasonably assume that all of those folks in ancient times were “only human…flawed and fallible,” for to believe otherwise would require that extraordinary proof. Assuming that ultimate faith really is worth having, shouldn’t we demand more from it (as the foundations of our lives)? Shouldn’t its roots be consistent with the ongoing (thoroughly natural) discoveries of critical thinking and scientific discovery?

    1. To answer this succinctly as possible, I give equal weight to let say Moses’ account of parting The Red Sea or the Divine miracles of Jesus Christ and the near death experience of my colleague when he was 10 years old. Whether God works in the 13th Century BCE or 1st Century CE or the 20th and 21st century, the supernatural remains the supernatural and no so-claimed advanced period can dictate on what is authentic or not. Even centuries after this one, people in these advanced centuries ahead of us can neither fully comprehend totally the supernatural in it’s entirety. It will always be a work in process until the harmonization with the supernatural and natural worlds are complete. Until that time all centuries of human history and the future will see through a glass darkly when it come to the supernatural.

  3. I have asked those who have kept the Feasts whether or not it is required for a Christian to do so. They have no good answer for that. Neither do I.

    It’s never that simple… in the area of our spiritual journey.

    I wish it were.

  4. There is one outstanding pragmatic guide for life I follow: My rule 51 —

    Never base your spiritual life on proven false prophets.

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