Intelligent Quote of The Day

The term gospel means “good news”. The idea that most people will suffer infinite torment for an eternity in hell for no other reason than they didn’t use the correct bible translation, had the wrong song book, went to a church with the wrong name on the door, voted for or against the wrong political causes, were born in a time and place when they didn’t have an opportunity to hear of Jesus, failed to achieve an unlivable standard of righteousness, or simply just didn’t kiss the preacher on the butt in the right manner is not “good news”.

—A Free Believer correspondent on  Mars Hill Pastor Rob Bell’s new and upcoming controversial  new book – Love Wins: Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. This was from our good old friend Scott. I am going to say something very boldly about him in that in my opinion that he is 50 years ahead of American evangelical Christianity. His mind and thought process is in the year 2061, not 2011. That’s a good thing. I wish his detractors could see that.

  2. Christianity Today has an article about the book and the rabid attacks against it even though it has not been released yet. There are cries of ‘universalism’ and other accusations. It is definitely going to be one on my ‘to buy’ lists! I have been impressed by Bell’s books so far.

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