Intelligent Quote of The Day

I think it’s important to get our facts straight in a couple areas. It’s important to note that the early Judaizing movement taught that new believers had to be circumcised and convert to Judaism to be saved. That’s quite clear from the NT record and from scholastic consensus. So non-Jewish believers doing Jewish stuff doesn’t automatically qualify as ‘Judaizing’. Only if they’re doing it for salvation.

Also as a side note, the not associating with Gentiles thing was a Jewish tradition that went sour, not a law from the Bible.

There’s nothing wrong with Gentiles doing Jewish stuff and they shouldn’t be criticized for it. Frankly, it’s a breath of fresh air after 1800 years of ugly antisemitism. You know what Paul taught in Ephesians 2, that Gentiles used to be far away and now through Messiah they’ve been brought near to the commonwealth of Israel and to the covenants (note: plural, that means the OT covenants) of promise! We’re one new man now! So why make that distinction and say “Well, if you’re ethnically Jewish they you can do this stuff, but not if you’re a Gentile.” Seriously, who’s to say who is Jewish and who isn’t? That’s a raging debate in the Jewish world too, and it’s missing the point.

The point is, what is God doing in your heart? So if God wants to give a Gentile a Jewish heart and that Gentile wants to do Jewish stuff, who are you and I to judge what God’s doing? You know what I’m saying? I mean, being ‘grafted in’ to a Jewish root might make someone look a little Jewish sometimes, don’t you think? As long as a person’s heart is in the right place and they’re not doing it for salvation, I don’t see the problem.

—Saskatchewan-based Messianic Jewish Crown of Messiah Congregation  Leader Yisrael Avraham defending the right of Gentile Believers to embrace the Jewish relics and roots of their Christian faith without being labeled a Judaizer


One thought on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. I purchased the Hebrew course lessons DVDs and have not received them yet and I have questions as to the payment because money was taken from my account. There seems NO way to contact the Holy Language Institute and TALK to someone to help me get this straightened out. Please contact me soon. Thank you so very kindly. Holly

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