Correction about Dwight Pryor

In my farewell posts to the founder of the Centre for Judaic Christian Studies during the past few days, I want to make a correction about the late great Dwight Pryor. He never had a doctorate or was a “Dr”. That was my doing and I was incorrect and I offer my apologies for the error. One bloggist who specialized in Messianic Judaism-Hebraic-heritage Christianity explains:

One of my earliest exposures to the Jewish roots of my faith came from hearing four Christian scholars at one conference (the Jerusalem Conference, hosted by Dr. Moseley) back in 1998. This was an event I was to attend repeatedly in the subsequent years. The scholars who taught those first few years were:

Did you notice anything about that list? All of the men held a doctorate, but Mr. Pryor. All of the men were authors, except for Mr. Pryor. But these things didn’t make Mr. Pryor any less of a scholar, or of any less caliber than any of these other men. In fact, Mr. Pryor received great respect from all who knew him. In many ways, these other scholars owe their achievements in some part to Mr. Pryor. He was a mentor to Dr. Moseley, and helped Dr. Wilson with the publication of his book. He also helped with the publication of the joint effort of Dr. Blizzard and David Bivin, Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus: New Insights From a Hebrew Perspective.

As I have said, I acknowledge this error on my part and will make further corrections.



2 thoughts on “Correction about Dwight Pryor

  1. late in his life Dwight was awarded a doctor of divinity from the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research.

    You can corroborate this information at the Center’s website:

    “Dr. Pryor’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Special Distinction, in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, extensive postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Judaism from the University of Texas, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research.”

    1. Thank you very much Nate! Well appreciated. Neverthless, the work of “Dr.” Pryor will carry on. I am optomistic that it will.

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