The late Dwight Pryor’s message on The Resurrection

Not too long ago, I posted about the passing of founder and President of the Judaic Christian Studies, Dr. Dwight A. Pryor. I have listened to a podcast on his site about Jesus’ Resurrection and Our Place in The World to Come. One topic that gets me excited is: Resurrection—when Jesus was raised and the gift that he gave and still gives to those who believe. Dr. Pryor’s physical body may have been demised but he is right now at this minute, awaiting that day when spirit and body are reunited once more: glorified and eternal: this is the reality to come. I hope you will enjoy this recommended message.


One thought on “The late Dwight Pryor’s message on The Resurrection

  1. The ONE big question ANY christian should ask him- or herself is this: was Jesus ever alive? Historically, there is NOTHING outside the greek scriptures to validate this, and the whole concept is one of belief.

    Belief and wisdom are two very different entities. You can be certain that the World Trade Center was destroyed, but not certain about the reason for this. The “official” explanation deals with two planes, the unofficial – so-called conspiracy theories – talk of possible bombing due to termite dust…

    In a similar way, some people believe Jesus was a son of God, but they have no historic validity for believing this. You can believe the moon consists of blue cheese or whatever else you like to believe in, but you can’t prove it.

    Which brngs me to the final conclusion: if he didn’t even exist, how about an even more unbelievable miracle of a resurrection?

    Well, people are free to believe what they want. 😉

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