Personal condolences to the Pryor family and the Center of Judaic Christian Studies

Dwight A Pryor: 1945-2011

We at  Life After WCG: A Spiritual Pilgrimage of an Independent Believer give sincere heartfelt condolences to the family of Dwight Pryor, the founder and President of the Centre for Judaic Christian Studies, and all associates no matter how big or small who have been affiliated with his organization.  Mr. Pryor’s battle with a lengthly illness had ended in the manner least expected on February 5, 2011. Those of us who took a very strong interest in the Hebraic heritage and origin of the Christian faith have felt a strong sense of loss with one less voice in the movement. From an eternal perspective, we rejoice that Mr.Pryor’s spirit has returned to his Maker and look forward to the promises that believers like Mr. Pryor will have spirit and body reunited in resurrection being in an eternal glorified state. It is my prayer and hope that JCS will continue to strive on as an organization without it’s founder and it will only achieve greater success—more than Mr.Pryor would ever imagine. May the Lord comfort all during this time of loss.


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