Why Do Christians shoot their wounded?!

This is another topic that just gets me very angry. It is time for the Christian Church to admit they have a problem. Shooting the wounded is sick, a form of sadism and nothing more than a competition of self-righteousness. People who react and do not go to any other church because of this nonsense—HAVE NOT BACKSLIDDEN WHATSOEVER!!!  Oh yes, I am shouting and shouting out very loud! I have no pity for those who “blame the victim”, absolutely none. Have I been at the receiving end of this, personally—you bet and it is no fun but these people in the clip below have had it far worse. It would help if the Christian Church took seriously about what scripture talks about `bearing another`s burden“, it would go a long way giving Christianity a better name than it deserves.


6 thoughts on “Why Do Christians shoot their wounded?!

  1. It is said that after the United States Civil War, General Robert E. Lee, mounted on his steed, looking at the devastation on the battle field, said, “I did this”.

    It seems apparent that the people in the video took ownership of whatever faults and problems they perceived within themselves. They were seeking redemption for themselves because they recognized the need. They sought the honorable path. It is sad they were persecuted for their righteousness, but is it not so very much in keeping with Isaiah 59:15 — “Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.”

    On the other hand, we have people seeking acceptance when they do heinous deeds by claiming it was not their fault and blaming the horror they did to — let’s say their younger brother — and then, instead of accepting the blame for what they did blame it all on someone else — for example, their mother. Anyone in that situation is in serious trouble. The end result will likely be what it has turned out for one person: Depressed, near suicide, becoming a godless atheist because someone gets on their case because they won’t take ownership of their deed, and then becomes a hyper self-righteous Christian who still acts like he is blaming God (and everybody else) because he can’t figure out life, totally confused; wandering like a cloud without water: All promise but nothing but dust, giving Christianity a bad name. The only real redemption for such a person is to admit to themselves they are the monster, accept that they need salvation and find peace in the true repentance of being renewed in the spirit.

    No, the people in the video were wronged. I hope that they will realize that they don’t need to be borderline. It is growth in maturity: When you look to men for your salvation, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed. God, the Father, has set it up that no flesh should glory, but if you have true faith (not being a true believer), you can never fail.

  2. I should mention that my highly religious brother who was seven years older than I was, trapped me in the closet where the water heater was when I was in grade school and couldn’t defend myself. It was most unpleasant. He did it because he had the power to do it. I was his little slave boy. He made up rules for me to follow. It was the prelude to living the life in the WCG.

    I’m pretty sure our mother didn’t make him do it.

  3. Hi Felix. As for “shooting their wounded”, I don’t think those Christians you’re referring to, are true Christians at all. But I suspect, everyone already knew that.

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