Intelligent Quote of The Day

Father forgive us our many sins. We are detestable, perverted, evil, out of line, wicked, lustful, people but wait a second…..? Weren’t we created in your image?

–A poster from The Facebook version of The Free Believers Network illustrating the contradictory (and schizophrenic) views of evangelical Christianity about the nature of man.



3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. This dicotomy has bothered me for a long time.

    In the realm from which we once came, we were told from Old Testament Scripture that “the heart was deceitful above all things, who could know it,” we were told we were evil and we sang Psalm 51 about how we had sinned over and over and over — particularly during the “Passover”. [It turns out to be evident now that singing the song had some relevance: The ministers of our group certainly DID sin — and we aren’t just talking about getting parking tickets!]

    The problem is that those who have supposedly repented of dead works and received the Holy Spirit, supposedly having have Christ live our lives in us, are being told that they are evil. Wouldn’t that mean that God is Evil?

    Or if “no good thing” dwells within in us, are we good at all — even with the very Spirit of God?

    If there is a mixture of this good and evil, then where does redemption fit in?

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