A little COG Humour

It is believed that the new splinter from the United Church of God has decided to permanently call itself  Church of God, A Worldwide Association. Thanks to friends on Ambassador Reports, others believed that some other names could have fitted the bill.

Church of God, AWA- Church of God, Associated Worldwide Alcoholics

Church of God, AWA- Church of God, Alcoholics Within Armstrongism

Church of God, ACA – Church of God, AC Alcoholics

Church of God, AWA – Church of God, Almost Without Armstrong


Church of God, Apocaholics Anonymous Association


9 thoughts on “A little COG Humour

  1. Sometimes it takes humor to show us the reality of the world we live in.
    Armstrongism fostered alcoholism. This is in part due to the fact of so much job loss and or underemployment, extreme poverty resulting from over-tithing, and terminations from good jobs related to taking time off for holy days. The Feast of Tabernacles was nicknamed the “Feast of Booze” for obviously the wrong reasons.
    Other factors fostering alcoholism in the church may be that the church encouraged the breakup of happy, legally valid marriages because of church doctrine; permitted child abuse; and the church’s widespread breakup of families. Infidelity outside of marriage, serial adultery, and former prohibitions against counseling and medical treatment are other reasons.
    Even Herbert W. Armstrong couldn’t make his marriage last. He shamefully wound up spending millions of church related dollars, and months and years of wrangling, just to divorce his wife – in a simple marriage between adults, without minor children. The facts of his life brought out in the bitter divorce no doubt hastened his death. Armstrong could be considered a functioning alcoholic, who put the WCG on “autopilot” in the seventies.
    The COG wrongly encourages the permitted use of alcohol. In fact, Pasadena literally spent tens of thousands of dollars buying the finest booze imaginable for the high-class WCG ministry. Alcohol tends to degrade the use of higher, critical thinking faculties. Regardless of any genetic predispositions that may be present, alcohol enhances opiate-like neurological feedback loops in the hedonistic center of the human brain, which can to addiction.
    The Church of Gods should completely re-examine the policies that lead to alcohol abuse in the church, and get those than need assistance the loving help and support they need to reach their fullest human potential.

  2. The facts of his life brought out in the bitter divorce no doubt hastened his death.

    Hastened? He died at age 92!

    But anyway: We’ll see if this new group gets along – or devolves into the Church of God Wrestling Alliance. :-/

  3. The facts of his life brought out in the bitter divorce no doubt hastened his death.

    Hastened? He died at age 92!


    Not exactly Methuselah, but who in the WCG would have predicted in 1966 the false prophet would be alive in 1986?


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