A VERY Intelligent Quote of The Day

I’m so sick of  all the messes the ministers have made through out the years because of their discord, dis-unity ,dissension  and struggles for power.
Their misuse of scripture about government in the church …….to hold onto that power ……is appalling and members should wake up and quit depending on men to steer them through those scriptures and  start their own independent study  and allow the Holy Spirit to be the guide.

When Christ died the Temple veil was rent …Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom
No longer was a priest ( minister) needed to give the people access to God……

It’s time the people of God take advantage of that access.


—a poster from Worldwide Church of God Alumni’s take on the United Church of God debacle and the rise of Church of God America


2 thoughts on “A VERY Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. This quote goes to the very core of the matter: The struggle for power.
    Yesterday, the Church of God Seventh Day minister shocked me when I spoke to him about how British Israelism was the reason that Herbert Armstrong left the CoG7: He told me the real reason.

    Herbert Armstrong wanted to take over the Church of God Seventh Day and run it. He was so arrogant that he thought he was the most qualified to be at the top. They said no. He rebelled and went off on his own. After he left, he chose British Israelism to be the bone of contention that was the last straw. It wasn’t, of course: It was Herbert Armstrong’s own pride and vanity, thinking, as Lucifer did, that he would ascend to the throne most high in his rebellion and supplant the established authority because he had better ideas how to run things.

    We now get to see the bitter fruit of what he has done.

    The Church of God Seventh Day still exists and has published The Bible Advocate for over 150 years. The Worldwide Church of God has been gone effectively for over 20 years and The Plain Truth is no more. The beautiful empty empire whose centerpiece was Ambassador College has crumbled and been blown away. Moreover, it can never be recreated.

    That is the issue.

    Church Wars have broken out because of the very same arrogant narcissistic struggle for ascendancy as was at the root core of the very rebellious Herbert Armstrong, a sort of modern day Lucifer. As his demons, the Armstrongist ministers can’t resist squabbling amongst themselves to slice up what’s left over from the legacy of the Adversary of Christianity. They want to be the Corporate Big Cheese. Their minions are but mice, relegated to collateral damage.

    Truly, this is an opportunity of a lifetime: We get to examine the depths of depravity and the carnal nature of those ministers who transform themselves into ministers of light who proceed from the darkest of darknessess. They are of the criminal mind, sociopaths, who have a rather selective conscience, very close to having no conscience at all. They are so amoral that they have no understanding of the subtle gradations of knowing right from wrong. They are at heart, amoral without a shred of any ethical basis beyond the end justifies the means and the end they are thinking of is to be in power.

    Those who whine should think about their involvement of supporting this eternal war: If they had not suspended their disbelief when confronted with the obvious cognitive dissonance, they would have had the epiphany that no matter what side they pick, it would be the wrong side. Those who are bearing excruciating pain and just want the disputes to stop have an innate solution given to them long ago by the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 3: From such turn away.

    If you want the pain to end, insult the ministry of Satan and ignore it. By paying no attention to it, and, more important, not paying at all, the damage you do collectively to these petty wannabe gods will be the ultimate vengeance. Let them fade away into obscurity. They are not worth a second of your time and not worth a second thought.

  2. Power struggles, money, vanity and many of the other lusts of the flesh have indeed been at the core of the depravity of Armstrongism, and the first comment hit the nail spot on. Well phrased…

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