Anyone to counter Weinland for IdeaCity ’11???

Up here in Canada, we have a network called Vision TV which is mainly a relgious and spiritually themed network. This is music to James Pate’s ears: they did show 7th Heaven on the network (but I believe no more but I believe they have some old episodes of The Waltons). They have the Word of Faith, preachers like Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Creflo A. Dollar (or properly put Creflo Needs A Dollar) and the like.  They have a Catholic program (including a mass), Jack Van Impe and his prophecies, Day of Discovery (if you want good sound teaching for alternative for the names I just mentioned), other shows that talk about other faiths than Christianity like Hinduism and Islam (if you’re Islamophobic, watch Reflections On Islam, you might learn something), various documentaries, other old shows (Murder She Wrote) and yes—even religious programs from the Church of God splinters: Rod Meredith’s Tomorrow’s World, Beyond Today (the United Church of God) and The Armor of God (Church of God, International).  Successful broadcaster, innovator and the founder of City TV, Moses Znaimer has bought the network of Vision TV as of late and has some his originally themed programs on it. One of them is Idea City (fill in the year ’07,’08,’09, ’10 and so on). This program is like TED, where a specialist from his or her chosen field talks about their ideas to an audience.  I have known for some time that XCG leader Ron Weinland spoke at one of these meetings of last year. Coming from a hard days work,  surfing the internet and watching TV (yes multitasking), I finally came to see him on the program. I remember Ron Weinland at Feast of Tabernacles in Niagara Falls during the late ’80’s  to early ’90’s. At that time I wasn’t impressed with his speaking. I was even trying to give the guy a chance by listening to a feast tape for the second time on “healing of the mind” but couldn’t get into it for some reason. For some reason in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Ron Weinland for some reason has become smooth and cool. I’m seriously thinking that Kevin Spacey SHOULD be in a movie role playing him. Don’t worry, while I can get up in the charm of Weinland—I made an oath and commandment to myself that I won’t get fooled again.  I have stated on here, that I believe Ron Weinland is a cultist and denies the essentials of historic Christian faith and those who are not grounded or willingly ignorant not to be grounded the essentials of historic Christian faith will be TOTALLY immersed in the charm of Weinland. There is NO way I will NOT renounce the triune nature of God a second time—it is simply irrevocable and strictly non-negotiable! An examination on scripture without the help of XCG literature confirms this! I don’t know Ron Weinland still believes in the “spirit in man” doctrine—which I think was a cheap, tacky, slutty imitation (on HWA’s part) of what the historic Christian faith always believed that one’s spirit after the body dies—IS CONSCIOUS and is in the presences of God either as eternal friend (heaven) or foe (hell) and we have a responsibility right now to decide what’s it going to be for eternity. One can presume from Weinland and other splinters, I’m a “pagan protestant” (which is an oxymoron anyway)—but that’s neither here nor there.  Yes, his lecture was all about the end of the world—and of course at the end of his lecture he had  to say to the audience “Time is up!” Nothing about a Messiah to come unite humanity together. Nothing about the redemption of the earth and the universe. Nothing about a need for personal salvation—I’m not talking a physical place of safety as such—but a spiritual safety in Jesus Christ where he says don’t worry about those who can kill the body—but rather fear the one who could (and can) destroy both BODY and SOUL in hell. Nothing about an opportunity for humanity to live not for a few more measly short decades but forever! His lecture was NOT the Gospel–which means Good News. It was the “Badspel” plain and simple. Smooth voice but same old, same old for the rest of us of have heard this badspel in the historic Worldwide Church of God and it’s offshoots for decades. We say enough is enough. I say, for equal time, someone needs  to counter Ron Weinland for Idea City ’11. I wouldn’t mind Aggie because she ran a blog to counter Weinland but Aggie is very, very, very (yes I mentioned very 3 times for reason for emphasis) guarded about her anonymity. I can safely assume it will be a very long time (let’s say when the 2020’s roll around or maybe beyond that) when she changes her mind. Myself? I wouldn’t mind it (okay I would love the opportunity)  but it is not the time. I am hoping that sometime this decade that I will grow in prominence and influence. Right now I am a working class person trying to survive and better myself. I am hoping and praying for a time I will be succeeding, not just surviving. It is also no secret to some that I want to have a political career someday. So either being on Toronto City Council in 2014 serving under the good man Rob Ford (whom I known for 14 years) who becomes Mayor of this city today—or if Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is our next Premier of this province in 2011  and I am darn good and serve in his cabinet, let’s say 2015 or so—perfect opportunity! But until then…I can only dream about giving such lecture.  Actually, I think this person might be a best candidate to counter Ron Weinland for equal time. Glynn Washington, an African American broadcaster on NPR (the PBS of radio) who details some his experiences in the historic Worldwide Church of God called Snap Judgment. All is I can say he’s one wickedly brilliant storyteller. Check him out here. You’ll love it! I believe the IdeaCity ’09 episode repeats itself at 5 a.m. in the morning. I set my DVD Recorder to tape it. I hope I can give you some excerpts here and we can discuss in greater detail why Ron Weinland and his badspel is bad news.


PS—I checked from the DVD recorder and the SOBs decided to put on another episode (IdeaCity 05) at 5:00 a.m. For those in Canada, make sure that one catches the episode when it repeats itself  again.


10 thoughts on “Anyone to counter Weinland for IdeaCity ’11???

  1. Why argue which branch of Christianity is right? They are all wrong. Big cults like the Catholics and Protestants or little COG cults all try to base their beliefs on the bible which has been totally debunked. Google ‘bible contradictions’ and see for yourself.

  2. Is it possible that it is God’s plan that people actually suffer at the hands of Ron Weinland?

    I’ve thought about it for awhile, and Scripture does say that Jesus learned from the things he suffered, so why not us.

    There was a person once who told me that she believed that people came together for awhile to learn what they needed to learn and then moved on.

    Is it possible that God is taking the people from the shallow end of the spiritual gene pool and if they survive, maybe they can get out into the deeper water and permanently move away from the shallows.

    My experience has been that though there has been cultmeister and nutjob after nutjob in my life, once I learn the process of these “one trick ponies”, I move on and I will be deceived by THAT particular type of narcissist, sociopath or psychopath again.

    I seldom make the same mistake twice — only progressively bigger unique ones as time goes on.

    Maybe the world needs the Weinlands, the Flurrys, the Merediths, much the same way that God uses Satan the Devil, to test us to see what we are made of.

  3. Shit! I’m sorry I missed this, I was wondering if it would make it to air. Pity they didn’t run a followup, with Rotten Ron’s sermon of the following week, where he had to leave the building/the party (which his faithful sheeple paid $6000 for the Two Witlesses to attend — and that’s NOT the hotel charges, food costs (you just know they’re chowing down on fine lobster and bacon-wrapped filet mignon, don’t’cha), transportation costs, etc. etc.)

    According to Gavin, Ronnie was countered, though, as they had Tom Harpur on after him. I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

    Oh, by the way, if you REALLY want to boggle at Witless Weinland’s “nature of gawd” he’s a monotheist, NOT a binitarian; IOW, he denies the divinity of the christological figure. Apparently, he sucked in a Muslim kid with that, some time ago, but that was waaaaaaaaaay back in the second-and-a-half timeline; I’m not sure how many failed timelines/prophecies he’s got under his belt now. Ask Mike! (Not Mikey for President, the other Mike.)

  4. Oh, and by the by, the old Painful Truth Forum is still going as well, at the same address it always had. “Mikey for President” may be trying to advertise his version as “The One True Painful Truth forum” (and why’s the blog suddenly private, Mikey??) but it looks like there’s been a UCG-style shakeup amongst the old-timers on the ex-CoG Internet.

    Fie on ’em all, I say, I’ve got finals for the next two weeks. I don’t have time for this bullshit.

  5. Purple Hymnal, you are confused: I am not associated with the old Painful Truth Forum in any way, I haven’t been on Delphi for 7 years and I’m not advertising my version of “The One True Painful Truth forum” because I don’t have one. If you want my “forum” — more a blog, really, then go to:

    I checked and anyone can post (with the understanding that it is nominally a “G” rated site).

    If you have issues with The Painful Truth, take them up with James at The Painful Truth because I don’t control what goes on with The Painful Truth, and, in fact, don’t know much about how it is run.

    To contact James at The Painful Truth, use the email address in The Painful Truth Website:

    My take, you’ve been too busy (and I think that it is a good thing that you manage to priorities, for it will help make you a success in what you choose to do) to keep up. I have been the same way for several years now and quite understand.

  6. Sorry, Mikey, I got a third-hand account of what amounts to “murmurings”, and you’re right, I’ve been prioritizing Actual Real Life over the ex-CoG stuff lately. Sorry, my remark was meant for James’ advertising comment, not yours. But the third-hand account informs me my info on the original PT forum still alive and kicking (and apparently kicking HARD) is quite correct. Make of that what you will. I personally think they’re all acting like two-year-olds, but that’s just my opinion….

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