Read this from Exit and Support Network. It almost makes you feel sick to your stomach. How can one’s parents reject one’s daughter like that? Frankly they have failed as parents. Period. Thank you Philedelphia Church of God about child rearing. Also see this from The God Discussion. Ron Weinland spewing out hatred and curses upon people who who disagree with him labeling them “mockers of God”. May Aggie and others make this man’s life a living hell as he chooses to be a Master of Evil. The followers of these fanatical groups continually play their mind games and mental manipulation (and strangely never tire from it) of any and all bloggers who speak out against  the abuse of the groups by telling them to GET OVER IT! The answer is NO!  People who have a conscience and have a high sense of justice for all will not in any way GET OVER IT.  As the old saying goes, for evil for to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Armstrongism in it’s various splinters is an evil and cruel religion, it is not Christian but purely anti-Christ (I know this is not politically correct language but tough) and those who have a conscience will do anything in their power to confront and hopefully someday defeat  this toxic combination of egocentric (and some alcoholic) leaders and members who are scared of the outside world and are afraid of using their intellect who share very deep issues with mental illness. Speaking of Exit and Support, they will e-mail you some books online in PDF format describing the rotten fruit of Armstrongism. Some of the books they have ready are—The Broadway To Armageddon by William B. Hinson, 1977, Armstrongism: Religion or Rip-Off? (An Expose of the Armstrong Modus Operandi) by Marion J. McNair, 1977 and The Truth Shall Make You Free: Herbert Armstrong’s Empire Exposed by the late John Tuit, 1981. ESN  will soon also have a PDF of the most controversial exposure on the founder of the historic WCG,Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web (An Insider’s View of the Worldwide Church of God) by David Robinson, 1980. E- mail them at refuge@frii.com. Free you mind and your behind shall surely follow.


4 thoughts on “Why We DON’T GET OVER IT!

  1. As I said on ABD, I hate to say this, but I’m not at all surprised; in fact, this was the modus operandi, in BC, for “rebellious teens” who “left the church”. I know of at least two who ended up on the streets, and a third whom I suspect did (although it’s a pretty thin thread I’m using as a clue).

    One of the girls was dumped out of the family home because she’d fallen pregnant. It was literally like she had disappeared off the face of the Earth. No one mentioned her. No one thought about her (I did, a couple times, but knew to leave well enough alone and never mentioned it to anyone), it was as if she’d been thrown into the Lake of Fire already, and she had already been consigned to “the second death” and “even the memory” of her had been “blotted out”.

    In the meantime, one of the “upstanding” super-deacons’ teenagers had gotten pregnant (by a much, much, older man), there was a shotgun wedding, and the deacon and deaconess were the proud, doting, grandparents, as their kid went on to pop out a “quiver-full of arrows such as these”.

    Unconditional love? I never, ever, witnessed one single shred of unconditional love towards their children by the parents in my congregation(s). All the love was supposed to be for Almighty God and Mr Armstrong (barf), after all.

    Not that it was their fault, you understand; that’s part of Lifton’s thought-reform model: Doctrine over person. Goldberg also had a paper, about the effects of cults on children, where it was stated that the parents became little more than children and child-like themselves, bowing to the parental authority of the church, and the leader, leaving the children to largely raise themselves.

    My parents certainly did that, and I know I’m not in the minority. This story should be shocking, and appalling, and seven million kinds of wrong; unfortunately for the Armstrongist splinters, it’s par for the course, and to be expected.

  2. This is one of the few circumstances I wish that I still believed in an ever burning hell.

    It is obvious that the morals and ethics of the parents are so warped by evil psychopathic leaders that they no longer understand right from wrong.

    Yes, the parents are victims too. The question is whether or not they can ever be redeemed. I suspect the jury is out on that one. I certainly would not want to be their judge, since I would not have the wisdom to know what they really deserve.

    There is another question, though: Where is the public outrage? “I’m not at all surprised” sort of says it all. Most people don’t want to even hear about some things, since they don’t have any way to manage the information. Isaiah 59:1-15

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