Christian blogger challenges controversial belief on the Eternal destiny of Anne Frank

Hat tip to James Pate.  Some will be offended at this article and shout and scream, “God is sovereign and does what He wants! Who are YOU to question Him!”  or “Our ways is not simply God ways.” These are just mere ploys to just to shut people up and stop them from using their heads. Nothing more.  Blogger, Rachel Held Evans is absolutely defiant in this approach. Rightly so. She expresses her troubling thoughts of what some, especially in American Evangelical Christianity believe that famous Holocaust victim, Anne Frank is in hell just because she supposedly did not accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. All is I can say is that I can thank God I’m still a wider-hope Christian and I blame this dilemma on Augustine and John Calvin who constructed the most misanthropic theology that God is shutting the doors of heaven to many.  I too with Rachel Held Evans reject the notion that God predestined Anne Frank to eternal wrath for His glory. Mental nonsense. For those who want to go apecrap on me, I still believe that there is salvation in Jesus Christ and no other. For those who God makes a righteous provision on the unevagneglized, it will be because of grace, not their works. To read Rachel Held Evans thoughts, click here. By the way, check out Neal Punt’s Evangelical Inclusivism for an alternative view on the unevangelized dead. He’s not a cultist but a man who subscribes to the essentials of historic Christian faith.


2 thoughts on “Christian blogger challenges controversial belief on the Eternal destiny of Anne Frank

  1. I am going to have to go to Fuller and check out the book! Sounds interesting.

    When hard line evangelical churches labeled Fuller as ‘liberal’ I knew something great was going on. Their book store is filled with surprising books that are from both sides of issues and beliefs.

    An educated mind needs to know why others believe what they do. Hard line Evangelicals, Armstrongites, etc hold to narrow, restrictive views that damage the ability of members to think for themselves! It does not mean you have to agree, but it gives you the ability to know where another person is coming from and you can dialog.

    I have always found it interesting to see various COGers leave Armstrongism and go into other legalistic churches who believe this stuff (Misery Synod, Conservative Presbyterians, etc)

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