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The ‘problem’ is that people simply do not turn to religion for truth or facts. They turn to religion to be affirmed, for someone to tell them their brief life in the giant universe matters. Successful religious organizations understand this. The real problem, IMHO, is that the second you depend on someone else to tell you that you’re a ‘good’ person, you have handed at least some of the reigns of personal sovereignty over to that person/organization.

The people who have the power to tell you how great you are also have the power to tell you everything that is wrong with you. Unfortunately much of organized religion depends on these “white lies” of approval. Those “white lies” don’t mean a hell of a lot without the fear of hell, or at least the fear of a “meaningless” existence.

—a poster in the Facebook version of The Free Believers Network giving their opinion on the pitfalls and dangers of organized Christian religion.

3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. I think here is another reason why religion has no relevance to people any more.

    From Gavin’s blog:

    Biblical Christianity Is Bankrupt
    Rev. Michael Dowd – August 16, 2010
    Checkout the entire article here:

    “It should not surprise us that young people en masse are turning their backs on religion and that atheists are
    riding bestseller lists when “the gospel,” God’s great news for humanity, is imagined as this…

    An unnatural king who occasionally engages in unnatural acts sends his unnatural son to Earth in an unnatural way. He’s born an unnatural birth, lives an unnatural life, performs unnatural deeds, and is killed and unnaturally rises from the dead in order to redeem humanity from an unnatural curse brought about by an unnaturally talking snake. After 40 days of unnatural appearances he unnaturally zooms off to heaven to return to his unnatural father, sit on an unnatural throne, and unnaturally judge the living and the dead. If you profess to believe in all this unnatural activity, you and your fellow believers get to spend an unnaturally long time in an unnaturally boring paradise while everyone else suffers an unnatural, torturous hell forever. [Excerpt from my sermon, “Thank God for the New Atheists!”]…”

  2. You have mined another gem here, Felix. Keep up the good work. I would never have seen a lot of good sites if it were not for you.

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