Welcome Back Becker!

Douglas Becker that is! This former prominent member of the UCG had a website dealing with the ministers of Armstrongism and correlation with psychopathy. A modern day Paul in the sense like The 1st Century Apostle that some his writings were hard to understand but that in no way detracted from Douglas Becker’s writing to be very interesting and stimulating.  I owe him a debt of gratitude for commenting, encouraging and supporting my blog from the very beginning over 5 years ago (yes, how time flies)! He’s back on the internet as this month’s editor of The Painful Truth blog which is now on wordpress! Give him a read! Also, I put a clip of the theme song of ’70’s show “Welcome Back Kotter” below, to  celebrate my way of welcoming Douglas back. Feel free to sing along too! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back Becker!

  1. I appreciate the welcome. There were certain apprehensions involved in coming to the Painful Truth Blog, but did it as a favor for James. I wasn’t sure I any that many friends after all the stunts I pulled. I perceive that everyone has mellowed over the past two plus years. Except me.

    I actually have all of July’s columns already written, although they will undergo some revisions as I learn more about my audience. If anyone has any suggestions, I will entertain them. I am posting them once a week on Saturday… er… The Sabbath (for UCG Speak). My own favorite is “Lies” which I am posting next week. Armstrongist churches are not the only ones having problems these days.

    Still, I’ve found I have a much better life these days after walking away from the Armstrongist churches. There’s no better way of getting away from something that actually getting away from something. All this blogging and tweeting just seems to keep ripping off the scabs that were healing so nicely.

    After that, I plan to return to anonymity like the carriage turned back into a pumpkin at midnight for Cinderella. I do NOT plan on leaving a glass slipper behind… but you never know.

    Thanks again for the welcome.

  2. Felix, I went back and looked through your blogs as a review and it reminded me why I walked away from participating in anything Armstrongist.

    I am glad if I have helped and encouraged you. I think for all of us, there is a lot of confusion at a minimum for anyone exposed to Armstrongism. I hope you are doing well.

    In my journeys I have found some amazing epiphanies. Earlier this year, there have been some amazing incidents which resulted in moments of total peace and a total lack of mental noise.

    A good part of that was a result of some events at work which led up to my being able to take seven weeks of FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) fully paid time off. My attorney had determined the government agency where I work was absolutely violating the law against conflict of interest — rather openly. I visited my psychiatrist and he determined I needed a leave because of insanity. Not my insanity, but the insanity of the management where I work. I kid you not. I think we had already established on the various blogs that the people I work for are immoral, illegal and unethical, but since my last postings, the situation has gotten much worse.

    As a result of the confluence of various events, the entire County Chaplaincy has been wiped out. It is an amazing story of conflict of interest quite different from the one described above. Imagine a jail which had a chaplain and it has none. Chaplains generally have effect on a few prisoners to get them to admit to themselves that they have done wrong. As a result, a small percentage return to society, never to commit crime again — thus benefitting society, even if not benefitting any particular church organization. Gone. All gone.

    My moment of perfect peace occurred after seven weeks off. I learned that management not only lies, but they made an employee lie for them to the Sheriff’s Department, claiming to work hours for them while she was reassigned and performing other duties. The management needed the money from the budget without actually providing the service. This is highly illegal. I also believe that it’s bad enough to commit crimes, but it is absolutely anathema to get the innocent to turn to commit them for you.

    Realizing that the members of management were liars — removing all doubt — resulted in perfect peace. The questions, tensions, stresses were all gone. There was clarity without any moment of confusion. It has continued to this day. I am not as easily disuaded by lies and deceptions. Further epiphanies have continued. I’m able to do my job again — the job I love and the one I was hired for.

    Meanwhile, there is complete chaos and confusion at work swirling around me. It is impossible to be competent in a dysfunctional environment. I am currently in what could be considered the eye of the hurricane and, conceptually, rolling in clover. Things haven’t been better. Management is now running scared and have no idea what to do.

    And I relate this to the Armstrongist environment, particularly now, as Dennis Luker is taking over as President of the UCG. I observe from afar the absolute chaos in a venue which was considered to be an island of process, doing everthing decently and in order. I would not want to make any definite speculative predictions, but it may be safe to Expect Decline.

    That Scripture in Numbers keeps replaying in my mind over and over and over: “Be sure your sin will find you out”.

    Time will tell.

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