Whaaat??? Another name change?!!! Yes it is!


“You changed the blog title again! It was only a year and two months! ” I cannot argue this but I felt it was time to do so again. When you think about it, the new name change is sort of back to an old one. When this blog was called Post-WCG Life and Theology, bloggers who linked to my site alternatively called it “Life After The WCG”. I now came back almost full circle but added “and MORE abundantly”—which is supposed to be a positive spin. People need to be told that there is happiness, joy and life after the historic WCG, evangelical WCG/GCI and it’s respective splinters. It is not the “end of the world” so to speak. Oh yes, I am going to have update “The About Us” section. Oh well! Sometimes it good to keep fresh and than rather be stale but the mission and philosophy remains the same. More to come…


6 thoughts on “Whaaat??? Another name change?!!! Yes it is!

    1. Thank you. I don’t want to compare myself to Bob Woodward but he’s admitted he’s a good author with terrible titles. At least I’m in good company. But I’m not renaming it My Own Generous Orthodoxy. There’s a video clip in the next few days to explain at least partially the reason. I hope Aggie’s there to see it.

    1. Hey maybe, just maybe a year or two from now, I’ll again change the title and Russell might just like it…or maybe not! 🙂

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