A case for a right type of bitterness

For those who have left the WCG and/or it’s splinters in disgust, have been branded the label, “bitter.” Is all bitterness bad? Is anger a sin according to the historic WCG? If you are looking to think outside the box, the website called Free Believers Network will answer, “No!“ They argue that not all bitterness is all bad. I hope you are not confused. Here is a sample of what they are saying:

For us to successfully prohibit ourselves from experiencing anger at any level, we have to remove entire circuit boards from our brains. The problem is that within the fabric of those very circuit boards is a little thing called common sense. Once those circuit boards are removed, common sense goes out the door with it. Our ability to empathize with others is also taken away. Even our discernment into spiritual truth becomes stunted. To forcefully remove any emotion from the human psyche, a person must remove themselves from themselves. I believe that this is exactly what this generation of Christian people have done. It amazes me how many people openly admit that they haven’t the slightest idea who they are. I honestly think that all of this can be traced back to our mindset on the subject of bitterness.

Read more of this brilliant and splendid article here and be relieved. A right kind of bitterness can “right“ many wrongs.


2 thoughts on “A case for a right type of bitterness

  1. It’s hard not to feel bitter after years of being feed pseudoscience and pseudohistory, taught how to worship a conceited, uneducated, evil racist molesting bastard, and made to feel that you were never good enough. It’s hard not to feel bitter when you realize pretty much all the legalistic dogma you were raised to follow is what needlessly seperated and alienated you from everyone around you. It’s really hard not to feel bitter knowing for all their “piety”, your parents were nothing more than blind, self-righteous hypocrites.

    I truly hope every Armstrongist church dies and ignominious death, and I hope all their leaders are alive to see it all happen.

  2. Thanks for your comments Ezra. I look to see the day when these XCG leaders GET REAL jobs. I know a person at work who is a pastor in his spare time. He puts these so-called “ministers” to shame. At least this guy will do a hard days work (he worked several years in auto plants and for delivering carg goods at Air France). This is beneath the XCG ministers. Frankly, I wish reality would bite them soon enough.

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