Robert Morey on the love of God

Reformed scholar discusses whether God loves “everybody”. He argues  that is not the case. I still disagree with his take on the famous John 3:16 verse. I believe that verse says what it says. I cannot find “the world of the saved” in that verse.  Though I and Robert Morey have our theological differences, we believe the reprobate will be eternally separated from the love of God for eternity. This is a theological reality which Theological Liberals grapple with and this is one of many reasons, I cannot be a “liberal and proud”. Theological Liberalism does not solve the problem of evil  nor wants to recognize evil for what is, only to downgrade it as being “misguided”. You might not agree with Dr.Morey but I am sure he will make you think.


One thought on “Robert Morey on the love of God

  1. Morey touches on my very favorite subject. The point of Romans 8 and 9 is that God has not decided in advance who his children are, but that, as Romans 9:16-22 says, we don’t have any ability to make choices that place us any closer to God than any other person.

    The question is: does this eliminate free will, or does it actually allow free will?

    Let’s look at Romans 8:7. If the natural mind is enmity against and cannot be subject to God’s laws, then no matter what you choose to believe about Christ or Jesus, or if you believe “in” him, the very instant you try to define a system of doctrines or laws that draws you closer, you will end with infinite splintering definitons as to what we should do.

    Every attempt to reduce Jesus to any religion limited by human concepts will fail, as Romans 8:7 predicts. With an estimated 38,000 verions of christianity today, Romans 8:7 is empirically proven.

    Therefore, we can logically conclude that NO religion of any human definiton can truly represent Christ. We are therefore free from all men. The instant you say “No, that isn’t true”, you are forced to use human definitons to show why it isn’t true, and you will never be able to do it.

    In modern computer terms, there exists no algorithm, no decision procedure, to get from “here” to “God”. If there were such a procedure subject to the definitions of human minds, then it would be completely programmable into a computer, and the computer, to all human intents and purposes, could fully represent God.

    In fact, there would actually be no difference between the computer and God, since every algorithm woud be consistent with the truth of God.

    If the idea of a computer actually being God is repugnant to you, then you would be forced to conclude that any human organization claiming such aboility would have to be equally repugnant, since both are based on human decision procedures.

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