A taste of an Armstrongist state in Dubai




 I have written a couple posts on this blog about what would happen if one of the Armstrongist splinters ran a political jurisdiction like a state, province or perhaps a country itself. Unfortunately, these posts never catched on in popularity like my other posts. Probably it was tough for some to talk about but I admire those who had the audacity and forthrightness to talk about it. I think I found a place that would be similiar to an Armstrongite political state: the country of Dubai. Why? A couple was kissing in a restaurant (they insisted it was a peck on the cheek) and a jail sentence was imposed. Yes, in the historic WCG, for an unmarried couple to kiss or even hold hands was a definate no-no. It could have led one to suspension or disfellowshipment, which could have led the so-called “offender” in psychological shambles because a “minister” has declared that he has reign over the salvation of the member. Imagine a jail sentence for something innocent as a kiss? Well, it has happened in the country of Dubai. If certain authoritarian people love theocracy, Dubai is the place for them. Read ’em and weep of  how theocratic societies really are.


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