A Challenge to The Origin of Stupidity

Anybody tired of Kirk Cameron’s simplistic worldview on Christianity and evolution?  I sure am! Never fear, some hot Russian chick (well her accent sounds Russian or Eastern European) packed with a lot of brains on a Youtube video clip takes a shot at this guy’s narrow world view. James Pate, if you’re out there, I’d love to hear your feedback. Yes, this chick’s an atheist. So what? I think she’s trying to present a real case of what evolution is and what evolution is not! I have also mentioned here many, many, many times  that scientist Dr.Francis Collins believes in God and believes in evolution—and Dr.Collins has never felt the need to see the dichotomy between the two—unlike Cameron who feels every need for one. Anyone offended by the colourful language or even the fact this girl’s an atheist, you can always go some place else on cyberspace. The rest of us will enjoy this and get a few laughs along the way!


8 thoughts on “A Challenge to The Origin of Stupidity

  1. …but she’s knows her stuff about biology, cosmology and other realms of science. Kirk does NOT, though he may pretend otherwise and this is the real issue here and a very serious one to say the least.

  2. I was intrigued by her statement that scientists don’t believe that something came from nothing. So do they think that the little ball that exploded at the Big Bang existed forever? I thought that they didn’t—or that they think quantum physics accounts for how it came from nothing. Or could she be referring to a scientific view that I read in a physics book written by an atheist—it said that there are scientists who believe there was a universe before the big bang.

    Even atheists I read say that they don’t know how the universe came to be. I read this to mean that they don’t know how something came from nothing, but maybe I’m wrong on this.

  3. I believe in Theistic evolution. This places me in the same camp as Francis Collins. I have also read a lot of material of the American Scientific Affiliation website. I do not believe that one discovers God incontrovertibly by examining the material realm. So the idea that evolution is true does not mean the existence of God is false.

    For that matter if there were a universe of some sort that pre-existed the Big Bang, this also does not prove God does not exist. These are simply modalities that God has used.

    I depart from the view of many Christian scientists in that I do believe that evolution has been teleological and not random. I believe that God instantiated reality wholely (past, present and future) and so many developments were predetermined. In other words, some Christian scientists believe that all has been random and that intelligent life could have arisen from reptiles, for instance.
    But I believe the plan was for it to arise from primates from the beginning.

    The fact that Kirk Cameron presents some commonly accepted evangelical ideas, however deficient, does not give the Russian woman a foundation for belief in atheism. It simply means that she has failed to make a distinction between the physical-material realm and the spiritual realm.

    — Neotherm

  4. She certainly has a dirty mouth.
    As far as Cameron, I never grow tired of hearing the truth as unpopular as it might be to humans who love to be their own creators.

  5. And another thing. Her statement that all fossils are transitional begs the question. If we assume that evolutionary development is true beforehand, then all fossils are transitional. But we must start with the fossil evidence to understand the nature of life. Apparently, many transitional fossils are now known — fossils that fit smoothly into some obvious pattern of development. So when Cameron relies on the lack of this evidence, he has fallen into the trap of believing in the God of the Gaps. Our Eastern European atheist has fallen into the logical trap of begging the question.

    — Neotherm

  6. It was good hearing from you Neo! Glad you put in your two cents because it is always interesting what you have to say!

  7. First of all I have to say that her filthy mouth makes her very ugly. Second she is just spouting off little bits of information she learned in school and there is no facts to support any of it and that is why after all these years it is all just theory and all written by atheist. And for your information they are allowing the Koran to be given to students and even have classes at some schools to teach about the religion. Are they going to allow that for Christianity no I think not. If this young lady is going to shoot off her mouth she needs to learn what is really going on in our country and educate her self about all these things further because it is clear nothing she is saying is fact but little pieces of information thrown to gather to make kirk look bad. If you do not believe their is a God why do you fight against something that is not there? If any of you would like to do research there is more evidence to support what is in the Bible than any of the other beliefs.

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