Art Gilmore at 98!

For us former WCGers who have heard The World Tomorrow broadcast whether on television or radio have been familiar with this man’s voice for many, many years. Art Gilmore, is the man and he turns 98 today. I stumbled upon wikipedia and viola, he  has his own article about himself in it. It may be a small article but it is still worth a look. Did Art Gilmore conjure up positive or negative memories to you?  Feel free to tell them right here!


4 thoughts on “Art Gilmore at 98!

  1. So was he in the church, or only doing some voice-work for it? It looks like he did a lot of other things—like announcing Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech.

  2. I don’t think he was ever so-called “baptized member” of the historic WCG (I could be wrong, so if anyone knows better information, correct me) but we all know about his heavy contribution with the Worldwide Church of God for many decades.

  3. So this is the man with the “voice”…

    I do not have positive or negative memories of this man. If he worked on those “Behind the Work” films shown at the Feast in Niagara Falls, NY, then I might remember his voice. Then again, when that film was shown, I took a nap.

  4. No, Art Gilmore was never a WCG member. Simply a “voice professional” hired by Mr. Armstrong to add quality to broadcasts and church videos — although I recall a minister saying once that Gilmore was a good Christian family man. (Not WCG “real Christian,” but you know….)

    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any COG follows that approach today. They use church members (minister-level, I think) as announcers on broadcasts — which only makes sense, if you’re going to have a “Spokesman Club” to train good speakers.

    The only religious broadcast I know using a “hired voice” these days is Through the Bible. I’ve noticed their announcer also does commercials for Tide detergent.

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