Intelligent Quote of The Day

“There are 2,000 verses of Scripture that tell us we must be committed to protecting the poor and the oppressed… There is no concern of Scripture that is addressed so often and so powerfully as reaching out to the poor.”

—Tony Campolo making the case that being there for the disenfranchized is Biblically important


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of The Day

  1. Thanks! It angers me to no end that those who want to call themselves “followers of Jesus” or “followers of the ENTIRE WHOLE Bible” seem to find convenient ways or their own loopholes from paying serious attention from the verses that Tony Campolo mentioned and if anyone tries to pay attention, they are labelled “socialist” (and they couldn’t care what that word really means, it’s just a nice scary term to put someone down)! Hypocrisy at its worst!

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