Happy New Year and New Decade and Lot’s Have Happened!

It has been at least a couple weeks since I posted and lots have happened. On some of the former XCG blogs, Joe Jr. is again being taken to task (and I think rightly so) for his denomination not being on the list of the ECFA(Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).  Fox News reporter Brit Hume is given flack for giving spiritual advice for Tiger Woods. While there are some telling Brit to STFU, here’s one man’s perspective in light of the so-called media created controversy. Also the silly ultra fundamentalists (the Phelps gang) are friggen at it again! Their target: Lady Gaga. I say, “Give me a break!” Here’s their sick self-righteous parody of “Poker Face” into “Whorish Face”. Lady Gaga if your reading this, listen to Rabbi Shmuely Boteach’s January 4th podcast, especially when he talks about ultra-conservative Uganda’s stance on gays. Rabbi Boteach’s non-judgemental advice is better than listening to losers like the Phelp’s gang (which gives all Christians a black eye, IMHO). Stay tuned folks, more to come…


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year and New Decade and Lot’s Have Happened!

  1. Welcome back Felix. Of course you know I live in Kansas where the Westboro Baptist Phelps gang is. I emailed Fred Phelps to see if he would debate his claims. Of course I received no response, but I do check their calendar on occasion and if they are going to be in my neighborhood, I’ll be there for a direct confrontation. I have friends who would be happy to video that event for me.

  2. Thanks Scott! Somebody needs to confront them, rather than pretend that they don’t exist. They do and what they do is destructive and are simply an infection on the Body of Christ. May you confront them and win.

  3. As a gay former WCG member watching Phelps in action is very similar to watching Rod Meredith and Gerald Waterhouse spitting and shouting about the evils of ‘those homosexuals’. Meredith and Waterhouse are just like Phelps. Little men who are rather effeminate in their actions, having to over compensate their ‘masculinity’ to appear as macho men.

    Armstrongism has always had a large number of gay men and women in it’s midst. Even the ministry had it’s share. The amazing thing today is to see that LCG, PCG, and RCG still have gay men in their midst. Why I have no idea. Self flagellation is the only thing I can come up with. They hate themselves so much that they feel the need to suffer.

    I would think they would realize that by now all the prayers in the world, all the fasting, all the stomach turning confessions to ministers will not ‘heal’ you. I know, it did not work for me. What did work for me was being open to the Holy Spirit when the church was going through the changes and really, really learning what the Holy Spirit was all about and what that thing called ‘amazing grace’ was and is.

    I have seen Phelps when he protested at the church I attend. I have seen some of his rather pathetic followers standing on street corners in neighboring towns protesting.

    I even saw him once it the gay pride parade in West Hollywood in a fenced off area along side Bermie Dizon (WCG) with picket signs and bull horns. The only thing they accomplished was being the butt of cat calls and mocking derision. Imagine the mission field that they had in front of them that they could have been sharing the grace of Jesus Christ with, instead they preferred to shout and spit legalistic bullshit.

    Many gay people tend to be highly religious and spiritual people and have intimate connections in their lives with Jesus. I know I do! Sinner that I am, redeemed grace filled believer I will always be! I no longer care what the opinions of self righteous religious folk are towards me. I know my standing with God and none of their spitting and shouting can EVER separate me from God.

    1. found my name (Bermie) written… but have never been involved in any picketing… I don’t even know who Phelps is.

  4. Yes, Phelps needs to worry about people changing their spiritual orientation, rather than getting worked up about their sexual orientation. Some people never listen.

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