Intelligent Quote of the Day

The core belief system of Armstrongists is so similar its amazing they keep fracturing like they do.

Part of that belief system is the idea there is some “pure” version of religion out there, while they give lip service to the Biblical definition given in James 1:27, they never use that definition in deciding who and how to organize themselves.

Their “pure religion” or “true religion” definition is some memory of the Armstrong golden years when money flowed liked the rivers in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Some think they have to recreate an old style media empire – even while conventional TV networks and magazines continue to lose viewers.

The poorer of the splinters have had no choice but to use the low cost Internet to spread their message, but they have a hard time getting face time like HWA did when there was only 3 networks and a few cable channels people watched…on the Internet there’s thousands of voices and faces and nobody is putting one voice ahead of another strictly with buying media time.

Its about content, and their content sucks. Join us or you die in the Great Tribulation. They are marketing the message of death. If you have a healthy life and mind, its not an attractive message. And these days the mainstream media has gotten so good at fear farming that they almost make Armstrong look like a piker.

The Armstrong message is about living for the future. It requires you not to live in the present. But the present is the only thing that is real, the past is gone, and the future is but a statistical probability.

—A poster on Gavin’s blog making the brilliant case that the cult of Armstrongism is a religion of death and ignores the here and now in light of the latest mini-soap opera in the United Church of God.


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