My Thoughts and Prayers for Brother Whaid

First and foremost, I want to again thank Gavin Rumney for the tip. On the PDF, front and back edition only  of The Journal, which compromises the news of the Churches of God, there is a clip that Church of God (Seventh Day) Conference President Whaid Rose is taking a leave of absence from his duties from his position for treatment for a vision impairment. Many of you know that I have met Brother Whaid when he visited  my hometown in Toronto in the early half of 2000.  I had high praise for the man at the time and at the end of this decade my high praise of him remains. At that time all called him “The Anti-Armstrong”. He seemed to me to be a very approachable man with a very good heart. I have a tape of him giving a sermon at Worldwide Church of God Feast of Tabernacles in 1996 in South Carolina and all is I can say, President Obama try to outdo this!  I hope I’ll give you the chance to hear it on this blog someday. It is my hope and prayer that  the treatment will be a success and his family will pull along through a very difficult time.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts and Prayers for Brother Whaid

  1. Whaid Rose and Calvin Burrell and probably the whole gang have falling away from the truth. They should change the name to the Church of God 1st day because that is where they are headed. God have mercy on their souls.

    1. Brother Whaid is one of the most Christ-centred man I have ever met. He’s just gospel centred, not “old-school Sabbatarian” centred (which in fact is dying). He’s just prioritizing that the spread the good news of Jesus Christ and His Divine Plan of Salvation is very important, not the rigid legalistic observance of a day. If you want to accuse of me of “Sabbath-bashing”, that’s far from the truth. I believe people need a day of rest for spiritual, mental and physical rejuvenation but that is NOT going to save YOU. By the way, most evangelicals today do not believe that the Lord’s Day IS not a replacement of the seventh-day Sabbath and I do no longer believe that it going to church on Sunday is “The Mark of The Beast”. If Brother Whaid and Pastor Burrell want to follow suit—HURRAH!!!

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