Pee like a man!!!

I found this Youtube video on one of Gavin’s links. Do I believe that North American men are becoming somewhat feminized? Yes I do, I believe that this day and age, you have to apologize for being a man (thank you feminism) but I think this pastor takes this issue a little bit to damn far. Watch the video (chuckle a little bit) and you will know what I mean.


3 thoughts on “Pee like a man!!!

  1. Let’s faced it. My cat is not going to clean my toilet for me. Even when I was married or had live in girlfriends, I shared the toilet cleaning duties with my significant other, as we both had full time jobs.

    I am soley responsible for all of the bathroom cleaning in my household. So, I admit, I do sit down to pee! It makes my household chores much easier, and I don’t need to worry about aim in the middle of the night.


  2. Yeah, it has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity. It’s just plain pragmatism.

    Quite honestly, there are public toilets that you would never want to sit on even to take an emergency dump. So, sometimes one must stand to #2! Wonder what conclusions our preacher friend would draw from that!


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