Intelligent Quote of the Day

I’m baffled by sharp divides over evolution and God as creator. The umbrella designation of “intelligent design” includes some pretty bizarre deductions. I’ve read (with hope) a magazine of theirs. I was amazed at its sloppy thinking, quirky methodology and sweeping conclusions based on what I call “preferred conjecture.”

   I believe God is Creator. I’m neither a seminary trained theologian nor a university educated paleantologist.  My belief is based on Faith, raw experience and relationship not on the fossil record or skewered, fundamentalist pseudo science.  I believe Genesis is not a gealogical explanation of Earth’s history; but, a poetic analogy whose point is to declare that God is Lord of all.

“The just shall live by faith, and that not your own, it is the gift of God.”

I’m not offended, threatened or even sad if others disagree with me. I wasn’t put on this Earth to force others to my opinions but to love and serve them. Their hearts and minds can only be reached by God’s Spirit.

My God is a great big God.  I’ve yelled, screamed and cursed at him in my rages.But even as I spew poison something inside me says, ”No.This isn’t right. God is a good god. I don’t care how MAD I am at Him. I will repent and give Him the benefit of the doubt.’ Let God be true though every man be a liar.’ My emotions are real and powerful but they’re not true.”

So let the scientists dig, examine and propose and the theological types debate. I’m sure God is amused.

—Barend Kamperman, a former XCGer and now newfound lurker on this blogsite just  giving his two cents on the battle between science and religion, concluding that his relationship with the God of the Universe transcends these disputes in a very real powerful and experiential way.

7 thoughts on “Intelligent Quote of the Day

  1. Hello Barend
    Very well said. I too believe that Genesis was never meant to be taken word for word, but to declare God and His Glory to every generation. I am a born again Christian who is studying the Bible, and I’m glad that God chose human language to write it in. With all of it’s flaws, it’s still God’s love letter to His children. Though the sharp divide shouldn’t surprise you, God’s word is foolishness to those who are perishing.


  2. I kind of agree, but I don’t think God would be amused. I think, if anything, it’s helping the scientists as much as everyone else.

    To me, if scientists discover and prove something that disproves some aspect of what I believe, I’ll stop believing it. That’s just being honest. But otherwise, they’re not in conflict.

  3. As George might have been sincere of what he wrote, I second your motion Russ. It is completely the jurisdiction of God who decides who is perishing. Not us. Period.

  4. I certainly didn’t mean to say that I decide who’s perishing. That is simply stated in God’s word. “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18) I believe in the Bible through faith. Jesus will judge, not I.

  5. Hello Russell

    That would depend on what you mean by perishing. If you mean this mortal body, yes you are right. If you mean our souls. Then I would say you are wrong. We will all live on after these bodies die, you have the choice of where you spend eternity, Heaven or hell, life or death. God never condemned anyone to perish, people make that choice for themselves by not following His righteous statutes. And since He is God, He get’s to make the rules.

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