More REAL feast fever!


J, from Shadows of WCG in his previous blog incarnation posted this inspiring video called “Days of Elijah” done by Paul Wilber from his Jerusalem Arise CD album. Now this video from Youtube is now here at my blog My Own Generous Orthodoxy. Paul Wilber also has a website at


3 thoughts on “More REAL feast fever!

  1. I have this CD too. I think I first sang along to this one at the Church of the Messiah’s Feast celebration in Dayton in 1999. There were maybe 500 people there. It was wonderful.

    Here’s a story you guys might enjoy. In 2000 I was leading worship at a Feast of Trumpets service at the Cincinnati West WCG congregation. I chose “Days of Elijah” as the song to close the service, with words projected on the screen and this CD playing in the background. The congregation loved it. But I was pushing the envelope for sure. WCG was promoting the use of lively worship songs at that point, so I felt I could get away with some Messianic music. But the last thing they wanted then was for people to get really excited about one of those old Jewish festivals they were trying to phase out.

  2. What do you know — the UCG Feast Choir in Panama City Beach, FL has this song on the schedule this year. Probably not with banners waving and hands clapping, though.

    This was also part of the worship music at the “Season of Our Joy” Sukkot-fest in Tennessee last year. The music there was lively and wonderful. Too bad most of the speakers sounded like they were presenting doctoral dissertations. 😦

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