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bikerman The Christianity of some is apparently very limited, and not flexible enough to accomodate the spiritual growth and leadership capabilities of minorities and women. This is not only sad, but does not reflect the realities of the Old Testament days or early Apostolic era.

All one must do is read the greetings in the epistles of Paul to realize that women were a very important part of the leadership structure of the early church. Armstrongism is not the only guilty party in this. Some teachers have done their best to efface the role of women in Christianity, resorting in some cases even to shamefully changing the names of such women as Junia. Although there was no such known name as Junius (fabricated masculine form of the name), some translators could not accept that a woman could be in a leadership role, so butchered her name to obscure her contributions.

I’ve long noted that people often seize on beliefs which are consistent with their own personalities. The topic of misogyny further illustrates the truth of this postulate. In many cases, religious predilections are harmless. In this particular case, we have an example of a toxic predilection, one that artificially imposes a glass ceiling upon a specific subset of humanity, a glass ceiling that is not in accordance with the Father’s will.

—Byker Bob on Gavin’s blog rightly condemning BOTH the misogynistic attitudes in Armstrongism AND mainstream Christianity and rightly asserting that it has absolutely NO place for “true” faith.


2 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. Well said, Bob. A few years ago I began to re-read the Genesis creation accounts and noticed that both accounts implied the equality of male and female. The first speaks of both being made in God’s image and therefore jointly ruling the creatures of the world (note: ruling the creatures, not each other!). The second shows that she is made of literally “the same stuff” as the man, and therefore shares all of “his” essence and abilities. How this can be twisted into a subservient role for women by those who read this book indicates that power seems to trump Scripture in religious circles every time.

    Thanks for posting this, Felix.

  2. Woe to those who deny the very Authority of the Scripture, showing their incredible ignorance of the very Word of God, such as Byker Bob repeatedly has done. Yes, God did create the woman in His image, as He did the man (first), and established from the very beginning the authority within the household, as within the very Body of Christ, the Church, which continues being defied by humanity, as prophesied until the very end of the age. Satan deceives, constantly, and so many fall under his persuasion.

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