Intelligent quote of the day

picture-27486transparentYeshua did not teach his disciples to be mere soul-winners. He taught them to be reconcilers, healers, helpers, and to bring people and God together for something bigger than the organization. He brought people and God together to begin the work of the kingdom, the World to Come, in the here and now.

He was always helping, raising the dead, and giving sight to the blind. He taught in such a way, not to give people a simplistic message of faith and afterlife, but to affect change in the way people live.

The-point-of-it-all, the fruit, it seems to me, is to emulate Yeshua by improving the world, by helping others in such a way as to bring about long-term change for the good.

—Messianic Jewish spiritual leader Derek Leman commenting on his blog Messianic Jewish Musings that the role for believers in Messiah needs to go beyond the individual’s soul  saving but in all aspects of  the individuals social care.


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