Sabbath or Sunday—WHICH???

This factoid was prepared by poster “KoeyKoala” in 2006 on Mark Tabladillo’s Jesus Loves Fellowship message board based on a discussion of what I Corinthians 16:2 really meant:

We see examples in the NT of both Saturday and Sunday observance.  What we don’t see is a command for either day.  Even the Catholic Encyclopedia mentions “The express teaching of Christ and St. Paul prevented the early Christians from falling into the excesses of Jewish Sabbatarianism in the observance of the Sunday…”

sunset“The obligation of rest from work on Sunday remained somewhat indefinite for several centuries.”  It was St. Caesarius at the beginning of the 6th century, who insisted upon observing Sunday like the Saturday Sabbath.  However, “The Council held at Orleans in 538 reprobated this tendency as Jewish and non-Christian.”

Sunday as a Sabbath has had a checkered history and the simplistic accusation from Saturday Sabbatarians is not entirely correct.  We can thank the Puritans for the strictness of Sunday Sabbatarianism among Protestants.

4 thoughts on “Sabbath or Sunday—WHICH???

  1. No way, Felix. This guy is wrong!

    It’s obvious from any inspired reading of Herbert Armstrong’s works (without which no man can understand the Bible) that, in the New Testament, the Old Covenant was never annulled, and chiefest of all things is the 7th day Sabbath; followed closely by tithing. Your salvation may have been made possible by Jesus, but if you don’t try to earn salvation a second time through your own righteousness which comes from keeping a small, highly altered selection of the law (as determined by Herbert Armstrong), then you won’t get salvation.

    Most people may need the Holy Spirit which comes through Herbert Armstrong, via Sabbath-keeping, to understand this. But if you seek a sign: Herbert Armstrong’s church was small, so that’s proof that it was God’s church. Plus, just look at the name – it says “Church of God” right in the name. How more overtly obvious can you get?

    If you disagree, you’re obviously inspired by Satan, and deceived, and headed for a blistering death in the Great Tribulation, your understanding of the Bible has been darkened, you’re a filthy idolater, and accursed, and are the Whore of Babylon, and will worship the true followers of Herbert Armstrong in shame and regret for all eternity.

  2. XHWA this is definately you and of course, are joking. It is sad that there some of that mentality though. May God open their minds.

  3. Of course I was just joking, Felix. No way do I feel those things about you!

    … Well, not this year anyhow. Last year about this time I would have, because those things were what I believed at that time. But not any more.

  4. the old covenant wasnt annuled? maybe if ur a jew.. but its clear in the new testemant that it is.. collosians 2:14-17, hebrews 8:7-13, 2 corinthians 3, galations 3:23-25, galatians 5:3-5, ephesians 2:13-16.

    do not try to scare people by saying their salvation rests on keeping the sabbath. They rest on the commandments of God: 1 believe in his son Jesus Christ 2 and love one another – 1 John 3:22-23.

    Did you read this post????No is trying to scare anybody into keeeping the Sabbath. I also go by one of the interpretations of Romans 14. If one is convinced the Sabbath should be kept, leave him alone! You have no right to call the seventh day Sabbatarian a “Judaizer” (a word I bitterly cringe anyway). It is none of your business. If you believe the Lord’s Day should be kept, good for you. The seventh day Sabbatarian has no right to call the Sunday observer a pagan. Christians of all stripes need to be stop self-absorbed need in being right and start have a passion for being “righteous”. Speaking about the Jews, I believe what Romans 11 says. God has not forgotten his people. Supercessionalism has caused more problems (and has had it’s share contributing to anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism) than helped in the Christian Church and it is religious ideology I want NO part of!

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