Are times are-a-changing for the UCG???


Go to Russell Miller’s blog Holy Mighty Atheist (his May 4,2008 post among others) and there are suggestions that this may be the case. The question is, will the UCG have their own version of events of what happened in the WCG (now GCI) back in 1995? It probably can be safely assumed that this is not the case.  What are my feelings about these suggestions? I hope somebody big in UCG have read my suggestions for  reform which was both in my old blog and  Gary Scott’s old blog XCG at, which I also directed on an older post here of May of last year when I angrily lambasted UCG minister Mr.Meeker’s complaints. Frankly, I don’t think the UCG is neither ready nor I think it’s desirable to have it’s “1995”. Yes, I would like to see the United Church of God at some point embrace the essentials of historic Christian faith. I would like them at some point to join the “Protestant Revolution”. I firmly believe that is their ONLY ticket for survival and trying to be another Armstrong-lite group will no longer do. That may be a dream but I am standing by Byker Bob that I (and others rightly concerned) should be praying about this situation. One person on Gavin’s blog was hoping that they would re-unite with the GCI. A respondant believed that they burned their bridges with the WCG (GCI) that it would be impossible. Actually, I would like to see more members in the UCG form a movement from the lay members for a mass exodus to the Denver-based Church of God (Seventh Day) led by Conference President Whaid Rose. I have mentioned that I have met the man 9 years ago this summer and have endless spoken positive things about the man. I have once called him “The anti-Armstrong”. I believe this is best solution for the membership, ever.  It might not be best for the UCG ministry. Just as my workplace at Home Depot we are having campaign of putting our customers first, that’s the way I see it for the UCG members, they come first and foremost among others. Some members actually did make an exodus to CG7 and I think the more, the merrier. I tried to encourage one person who was malcontent with the UCG to try the CG7, even to point to encourage him to take the next step in forming a home church or at least a home Bible study in his area (because there was no church in his area) but he wasn’t willing to take that step. At least this person has at some occasions came into contact with them, which I  believe that includes attending their services. At least this person was impressed.Yes, we all know the world as we know it is changing. At least some in the UCG are recognizing that they cannot be in their own little shell anymore. To continue to do so will have grave and unimaginable consequences. May that message ring louder and louder over the coming days, months and years to come.  I leave you with some good ol’ Bob Dylan with his song, Times Are A Changing, courtesy YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Are times are-a-changing for the UCG???

  1. Yes, I’m still in “contact” with COG7 — subscribing to the Bible Advocate now, along with hearing weekly sermon podcasts from a COG7 congregation in Oklahoma.

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