Another special treat from the late great Walter Martin

You name the cult, The People’s Temple,Scientology, Nation of Islam, Mormonism, Transcendal Meditation, Jehovah’s Witness, Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Scientists,Charlie Manson’s cult, cultic offshoots of Hinduism and yes, the historic Worldwide Church of God (now GCI in 2009!) is covered in this late 1970’s documentary (and you can tell it’s from the 70’s music, theme and all) called “Cult Explosion” by none other than the original Bible Answer Man, the late Dr. Walter Martin. Also look for the late great Eldrige Cleaver former Black Panther who later in life became a Reagan Republican until his death in 1996. He also discusses his life in the kingdom of the cults. Also a former Worldwider gets the last word at the end of the documentary (how sooo fitting!) being overjoyed in tears about her then new-found personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Maybe cheesy and sentimental for some but I still give this a Roeper and Ebert two thumbs up! Enjoy!




One thought on “Another special treat from the late great Walter Martin

  1. Unfortunately, those ensnared in the filth of Armstrongism will not be able to relate to any of these videos, particularly the last one. Armstrongists cannot relate to anyone who talks about a personal relationship with Jesus. When you are taught to only give lip service to ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christ’, the ability to get intimate with the real Diety they can’t get their minds wrapped around it. Armstrongism’s ‘jesus’ is still beat and battered on the cross. They have left him there to dry out and rot away just as their relationship with God has done.

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