Intelligent quote of the Day

GIC rhymes with SICK…

Drat! It’s Grace Communion International, not Grace International Communion. So the acronym is GCI, not GIC. Doesn’t rhyme with sick, but they still are.

The current members have a mental illness, an unexplainable need to hang on to the organization. There are no pharmaceuticals or homeopathic remedies that can help them with their sickness.

—AnneMarie95, poster on the Painful Truth message board explaining in the strongest terms  on why members of the evangelical Worldwide Church of God (now called Grace Communion International) have a need to stay within the organization no matter what.


One thought on “Intelligent quote of the Day

  1. I had a membership to the PT board, but for some reason when I try to login, it says my membership is no longer valid. I was going to email John B., but then it came out that he’d let the site go to someone else, sooooooo…..

    Anybody got contact info for the new board admin?



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