Give ’em hell Dakota!!!

n5703487349_88081 I am very glad for discovering the blog God Discussion and one it’s most splendid writers Dakota O”Leary (a former member of the Worldwide Church of God). She articulately expresses her discontent with the conservative elements of American evangelical Christianity and their thinking that goes with it:

1.  Why do conservative Christians call themselves pro-life, yet do not hesitate to support capital punishment and torture, and are the first to call for war?  If life is sacred to God, isn’t life sacred through old age and death?  Why does it seem that life is only sacred to Christians until the age of 18, which is the legal age one may join the military?  When did Christ torture anybody?  Who would Jesus bomb?   (Please don’t give me Revelation.  There are four gospels about Jesus which seem to be totally ignored when I have this discussion with any conservative Christian).

2.  Why do conservative Christians rush to power through a particular political party, even though Christ himself stated that his kingdom was not of this world, even though Christ shunned the institutional power of the religion of his day (Judaism), and admonished his followers to peaceably pay their taxes and follow civil laws?

3.  Why do conservative Christians seem to look down their nose at non-Christians, particularly Jews?   On my Facebook, I was the observer of a conversation over Easter that went something like this:

Conservative Christian lady:   I feel so sorry for Jews because they denied their Messiah, and now won’t be saved.

2nd Conservative Christian lady: Oh I know!   The poor Jews!  They are so misled!

3rd Conservative Christian lady:  Well, when Jesus comes, the Jews will convert to Christianity, so they still have a chance.  We’ll pray for them.

Trust me, Dakota has some more points on the faults of American Evangelical Christianity. I only was scratching the surface. The anti-Semitism thing from any Christian gets me a little touchy but I make no apologies for being sensitive about it whatsoever.  I have always viewed Christian anti-Semitism as the Christian being the dumb and aggressive  older brother picking fights with his older, more intellectual brother. I never understood anti-Semitism, don’t want to know. It always seemed irrational.

I can understand Dakota’s frustration American evangelical Christianity and the Republican party, she commented in the blog (elsewhere, not in her post) that if Texas wants to leave, let ’em (and the rest of the so-called Red States) leave.  I don’t think so. I don’t want another Afghanistan  in my North American backyard, especially if Dakota makes the case that the money from the Blue States is paying for the Red States.

The post that is in the God Discussion blog is called  What Is A Christian: Questions from a Freethinker  here at : .   It’s a post that will make Holy Might Atheist Russell Miller crack open and a beer and say, “Cheers” and it will make James Pate (of James Thought’s and Musings) cringe a little bit but Dakota will always make you think!


6 thoughts on “Give ’em hell Dakota!!!

  1. Dakota O’Leary here…I would like to thank you for your kind support! I also think that your blog is great, and I enjoy following it. I have been blown away by the great things blogs across the Internet have been saying about God Discussion, the articles everyone has been picking up from our site and featuring on their own, and the articles that my friend and I have been writing and featuring on the site. We’ve only been up a few weeks and we’re seeing an incredible response. We’re glad to be a place that anyone from any faith can identify with, where they can interact with us and others, and we hope that we can positively serve the religious community (all faiths). We’ve gotten a lot of referrals from your site and we thank you, and will endeavor to return the favor often. The Worldwide COG articles seem to really be articles a lot of people identify with. So thanks again! Urbain Beck has fabulous articles that get very positive responses from the Internet community and I am proud to be associated with Urbain and God Discussion. We’ll keep giving em hell! 🙂

    PS: I would just like to say now that I am in a saner moment that I agree with you about secession and not wanting Afghanistan in my back yard. I spoke out of a fit of passion because I can’t believe that people would actually consider secession as an option. I mean….really?? 🙂 So while I’m givin’ em hell, it’s good for me to be reminded to also try to respect how others think and believe, no matter how outrageous I think it is.

  2. A few days ago, I received an angry, vitrolic and I will say emotionally manipulative diatribe who had some very nasty words about the work on my blog:

    [[What is your fixation with the WWCG. I grew up in the WWCG. It was a foolish church. Anyone who grew up in it (or ever set foot in it) knows it was a crock of deceit and lies.

    I am not sure what your purpose is. However, some people would tell you to GET A LIFE!!!!]]

    Contrast that with your kind words, your understanding and appreciation of my blog makes my day and this I thank you for. Also I will say that you are entirely welcome for thanking me of excerpting your articles on my blog. I look forward to many long years of doing business with you and the God Discussion blog. I have a serious hatred of injustice of any kind and given the opportunity I will fight it! There was injustice in the historic WCG (now GCI) and there is injustice and dare I say that politically incorrect word “evil” in many of the splinter groups. I will gladly and dutifully “love the righteous and fight the wicked”. People will always have a right to address their greivances of injustice on this blog. I don’t really care who many years ago it was. In no way it detracts from their right. Those who subscribe to the tyranny of niceness who want to bully me into silence (like that diatribe above), will only be defeated (and I can only pray and hope severely to their utter shame and contempt). Also may your blog God Discussion will continue to fight injustice and tyranny not only in manipulative mind controlling cults but also those who we consider mainstream faith who need to be held in account and to firmly remind them that they are NOT in any way imaginable beyond constructive criticism. Again, thanks for your appreciation and as I said I am enthusiastic in doing business with you and your blog.

    PS—Thank God you clarified your feelings about Texas! It was just an emotional response (and we all have them including yours truly). 🙂 I wish Texas many, many years and centuries in the wonderful union called the United States of America and God bless that wonderful nation known to mankind.

  3. Dakota’s going to be back on the air again this week! She and another person will be talking about “black hat theology,” which ought to be fun.

    Thanks for your nice blog and interesting articles.

  4. Nothing in this post, written of the three non-identified Christian ladies quotes are antisemitic. That fact is they are merely retelling Jesus words at Pentecost, “Go spread the Goodnews!”

    This is post is antisemitic for if one is insulting Christ and his Baptised believers. One is insulting the Trinity and it’s Jewish foundation.

    The lack on intellectual depth is quite apparent.

    1. It seems when people ask questions about a religious system, as Dakota did, sinister motives are ascribed to them. Dakota grew up in a fundamentalist dooms day cult and knows what she speaks. Nobody is attacking the message of “the good news”. The issue is supercessionalism, where the teaching is that the Church has totally replaced Israel has his people. This theology has brought anti-Semitic fruit. This is not merely an opinion, it is fact. There are other destructive beliefs that people in the Church have and need to be hold to account. Insulting Christ and His Believers (or the Trinity) have nothing to do with it.

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