Is That a name change????


meandbaconsplit1Oh yes it is! For those who are not familiar with Brian McLaren’s book A Generous Orthodoxy, this is the new name change I based it on. I have been for sometime thinking about a name change but never got around it. With all the news of the name change of  WCG becoming Grace Communion International, I just said to myself—YES, this is a good time to have my own name change. It just seems to relevant to do so now. I also hope my new name change can somehow attract a broader audience than those in the XCG niche. Also this means  My About page will also go for an upgrade amongst other stuff that will be revamped. Just stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Is That a name change????

  1. What witchery is this? Felix, you can’t just go and change the way the site was. The old way was tradition. That was the only Biblical way it could be. To do anything differently is tantamount to blasphemy and rejection of salvation!

  2. I applaud the sentiments in the new title Felix, but I remain to be convinced that “generous orthodoxy” isn’t an oxymoron…


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