The Boy Is Back In Town and The Girl is Doin’ Fine!

thumbs_upBelieve it or not J, of Shadows of WCG IS BACK and LOUDER than ever! Hallelujiah!!!  J’s blog is actually titled, Shadows of WCG: The Next Generation and he is steaming full speed ahead pulling no punches about the news about Joe Jr.’s  proposed eventual name change for the WCG into Grace Communion International:

As long as Joseph Tkach, Junior, remains as the President, he continues a legacy directly from Herbert Armstrong himself. There are no broken chains.

The name change means nothing. This is what has to happen.

First, Joseph Tkach Junior must step down. Joe, it is time to go.

Second, after Joe has resigned from office, the Board of Directors must enact prudent and respectable bylaws with sound doctrine on term limits and bylaws on financial accountability.

Third, the Board of Directors must appoint a president removed from the past Worldwide Church of God – cutting all ties from the denominational historical garbage that permeates their fellowship.

Joe, It’s Time to Go.

It’s time to leave your denomination and cut all ties to Herbert Armstrong and his form of Government. It’s time to do the right thing. It’s time to go.

Take your pension, take your salary, and leave. It’s time to go.

Name changes mean nothing. Put your words into action…

Joe, your term as President should be over. You know it, and I know it.

Joe, It’s Time to Go.

My personal words to J, “It’s good to see you back in town to kick ass!!!” I remember Gavin Rumney and myself contacting eachother on the internet back in 2005 and I was verifying from a Worldwide News article back in 1997 that Joe Jr. only wanted to be in office for 10 years.  Joe Jr. was pastor general in 2005, September of that year marked 10 years. It was time for him to go then! In my books he has been and always has been a polarizing figure for the WCG.

Here’s J’s new blogsite .









I want to meet AggieAtheist so I can give her the Obama fist bump and say, “Right on Sista (in President Obama’s voice, of course!) !” This prolific bloggist who had a blog about the historic WCG’s “Purple Hymnal” and a blog called  “Weinland Watch” is now in charged of I Survived Armstrongism, in which Russell Miller decided to step down and form an offshoot blog called Holy Mighty Atheist. Read one of his posts called “Republican Church of God” and I say the brotha speaks the truth!!! It will get James Pate jumping up and down  but I digress. Aggie who knows how to get around and is also in her full speed attack against the forces of darkness of Armstrongism. Eat your heart out General Patton.  Aggie is slapping the faces of ten yellowbellies and good for her! She is in NO WAY giving Joe Jr. and his proposed name change a break in any way! She has a post linked to the Ironwolf message board where someone shares their experiences with some jerky (to say the least) authoritarian ministers in the historic WCG. It’s not pretty but these things did happen only to prove the rotten fruit  did exist and for someone to deny that is in a dangerous dreamworld. Aggie’s linking up with other sites against the darkness of Armstrongism. She has linked sites of online books like Daughter of Bablyon (actually I should put it on my blogroll),Flying Free (actually you have to pay for this download but that’s okay) and Dreaming in Arabic writting by Jennifer Armstrong (a pleasant  lady whom I know  personally growing up in the Y.O.U.) which discusses a little bit of her WCG upbringing, her trip to Jordan as an Ambassador College student and a little bit of Middle East history. So far, I have enjoyed Aggie’s takeover and I hope she can keep it exciting and more importantly, keep people well informed. Great job Aggie, as KC and Sunshine Band would say, “Keep It Coming Love,keep it coming, love! Keep it coming, love!
Don’t stop it now, don’t stop it, no, don’t stop it now, don’t stop!”


8 thoughts on “The Boy Is Back In Town and The Girl is Doin’ Fine!

  1. Here.. I had wanted to keep it separate from the ex-WCG/GCI stuff, but what the hell. In for a penny, in for a pound. I don’t post there very often, but I’m trying to have quality versus quantity.

    For the record, the gnostic blog is my own personal exploration of small-g “gnosticism” — the religious Gnostics pretty much burned me at the stake for it, as you can tell from the comments left here, here, and here, and can’t forget this, all of which was the result of my going on a religious Gnostic discussion board, and asking them too many uncomfortable questions, and presenting a non-fundamentalist, non-bibliomantic POV.

    Bad habit, I guess, but given my background, I’d rather ask too many questions, than not ask enough! 🙂

  2. I agree with Joe Tkach Jr. stepping down. Just because there’s a name change doesn’t mean the organization has changed. It is still leadership from the top down, still the same doctrines, still the same church–at least to me. I wonder if changing the name is a little disingenuous for people who won’t know that Grace Fellowship has ties to WCOG. Hopefully before they join, prospective members will do their research. That’s why I think this site and other COG watch sites are such a service to the community, and I for one am glad Shadows of COG is back, and that this site is here as well.

    1. You honestly can’t be serious when you say the GCI is still the same church!! You must be something else with a heavy load on your shoulders man.

  3. You are missing the point. No one has said GCI is the same church. The point is that you can change the name all you want but if there is no accountablity safeguards the SYSTEM in the church remains the same!

  4. Vuyo I find it hilarious that every time someone from Worldwide/GCI hears criticism they say that “you must have a heavy load on your shoulders.” It’s called being awake, alert, and aware.

  5. Armstrongism is a cult rather than a church. My SIL belongs and I’ve never met anyone so bigoted. I find the concept of a religion that is supposed to be Christian but completely ignores the Christian festivals weird to say the least. The holy days my SIL keeps are all Jewish ones. I can’t find out whether this “church” does any good in the world either. My SIL never worked throughout her married life and didn’t have any children. Most very religious women in this position are out in the community doing charitable work but she never did any.

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