Best wishes to XHWA

First and foremost, I want to wish xHWA in his new endeavours as he decides to end his stint on Escaping Armstrongism. Unlike J of Shadows of WCG who deleted his blog, xHWA is not writing more articles on his blog but will leave it for archival purposes. I, for one, will definately not hear the last of xHWA  because from time to time we talk with eachother on the internet privately (I hope you liked my old article about the Godhead XHWA!). Also, it will not be the last time that YOU hear from him either! He is now  a contributing writer at As The Bereans did. I hope this means a lighter schedule for him in this regard and a lot more fun for him to write!


One thought on “Best wishes to XHWA

  1. Felix, you were one of the first and strongest to support me. I am indebted in gratitude. I appreciate your friendship very much, and I hope we remain good friends.

    I did like your article, btw. It was helpful to me. That area is the most confusing to me.

    My blog may be inactive, but the cause goes on. There were people before me and there will be people after me. I can’t wait to see what the next batch of escapees comes up with! God bless them.

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